Garden Waste Collections

A fortnightly garden waste collection service is offered to subscribers using a green wheeled bin or compostable paper sacks sold in packs of ten. Prices and order details are shown below.

1.  Garden Waste Bins:

Subscriptions start from 1st April each year. You can join the service during the year, but the full fee will apply. Refunds cannot be issued for cancelling the service during the subscription period.

Subscriptions for the service to start from April 2015 are now available.

From April 2015 there are two options available:

A 12 month subscription is £48 This service remains good value and offers a quick and easy way for your garden waste to be collected and composted.

A 24 month subscription is £91. We are continuing to offer a 2 year option as last year it proved popular with our customers. We are able to offer a discount as we save money by reducing our administration and postage costs. In addition, 24 month subscribers will be protected from any possible price increase in the second year of their subscription.  For example customers opting for the two year subscription last year have saved £6.50 (7.1%) over the two years.

A summary of the service is available on our Garden Waste Leaflet

Full details of the terms and Conditions of the service are available on our Terms and Conditions.  A copy of these  terms and conditions will be provided when you subscribe.


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Garden Waste Bin Service - Download Paper Application Form



2.  Garden Waste Sacks:

Alternatively, customers can apply to use compostable garden sacks, which currently cost £25 for 10 sacks.  These sacks can be left out for collection each fortnight on the collection day for garden waste for the property.

Customers can leave as many sacks out for collection as needed depending on how much waste they have produced that fortnight.

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Alternatively, to purchase Garden Sacks call us on 01935 462462 and we can take your payment using either debit or credit cards.

Collection Days:

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