South Somerset Local Plan 2006-2028

The South Somerset Local Plan (2006 - 2028) sets out the long term planning framework for the district up to the year 2028. It represents the starting point for decisions on where development will be located in the district and will be used to reach conclusions on planning applications across South Somerset.

It sets out the Council's objectives for providing enough homes, jobs and services, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to make the district prosperous both now and in the future.

The Council adopted the South Somerset Local Plan on the 5th March 2015. The adopted version of the plan can be found here: South Somerset Local Plan (2006-2028)

The adopted version takes account of all of the agreed modifications to the plan that were required by the Planning Inspectorate.

The plan was independently examined by the Planning Inspectorate. The Planning Inspector's final report on whether or not the plan was 'sound' can be found here: Inspector's Final Report

Further details on the examination process, including: the Inspector's interim findings and questions, additional evidence submitted, and representations put forward during the process can be found here: Public Examination by Planning Inspector

Prior to the examination process starting, the Council was required to submit the plan to the Planning Inspectorate. The 'submission' version of the plan can be found here: Submission South Somerset Local Plan 2006-2028.

Prior to the submission of the plan, a number of stages of development and consultation were carried out, these are listed below: