Engaging with local people

Engaging with local people and other stakeholders to ensure robust public accountability.
  • Exercising leadership through a robust scrutiny function which effectively engages local people and all local institutional stakeholders, including partnerships, and develops constructive accountability relationships 
  • Taking an active and planned approach to dialogue with and accountability to the public to ensure effective and appropriate service delivery whether directly by the authority, in partnership or by commissioning 
  • Making best use of human resources by taking an active and planned approach to meet responsibility to staff 
The code should reflect the requirement for local authorities to: Compliance can be demonstrated by:

Make clear to themselves, all staff and the community to whom they are accountable and for what.

Consider those institutional stakeholders to whom the authority is accountable and assess the effectiveness of the relationships and any changes required


  • Sustainable Community strategy
  • Constitution

Produce an annual report on the activity of the scrutiny function

  • Annual report

Ensure that clear channels of communication are in place with all sections of the community and other stakeholders, and put in place monitoring arrangements to ensure that they operate effectively.

Hold meetings in public unless there are good reasons for confidentiality.

Ensure that arrangements are in place to enable the authority to engage with all sections of the community effectively.  These arrangements should recognise that different sections of the community have different priorities and establish explicit processes for dealing with these competing demands.


  • Sustainable Community Strategy
  • Joint working groups
  • Area Action Plans
  • Communications Strategy
  • Agendas and minutes
  • Citizens Panel
  • Consultation Strategy
Establish a clear policy on the types of issues they will meaningfully consult on or engage with the public and service users abut including a feedback mechanism for those consultees to demonstrate what has changed as a result
  • Partnership framework
  • Communication strategy
On an annual basis, publish a performance plan giving information on the authority's vision, strategy, plans and financial statements as well as information about its outcomes, achievements and the satisfaction of service users in the previous period
  • Corporate plan
  • Annual Statement of Accounts
  • Summary of Accounts
Ensure that the authority as a whole is open and accessible to the community, service users and its staff and ensure that it has made a commitment to openness and transparency in all its dealings, including partnerships, subject only to the need to preserve confidentiality in those specific circumstances where it is proper and appropriate to do so
  • Constitution
  • Forward Plan
Develop and maintain a clear policy on how staff and their representatives are consulted and involved in decision making
  • Constitution
  • Joint Consultative Forums