Focusing on the purpose of the authority

Focusing on the purpose of the authority and on outcomes for the community and creating and implementing a vision for the local area
  • Exercising strategic leadership by developing and clearly communicating the authority's purpose and vision and its intended outcomes for citizens and service users
  • Ensuring that users receive a high quality of service whether directly, or in partnership, or by commissioning
  • Ensuring that the authority makes best use of resources and that tax payers and service users receive excellent value for money;
The code should reflect the requirement for local authorities to: Compliance can be demonstrated by:

Ensure that a vision for our local communities is developed in consultation with local people and other stakeholders.  The vision will include priorities and targets that are measurable.

  • Service plans 
  • Major Strategies 
  • Corporate Plan 
  • Performance plans 
  • Yeovil Vision and Market Town Vision 
  • LSP (South Somerset Together) 
  • Sustainable Community Strategy 
  • Area action plans 
  • Area Forums 
  • Area Committees 
  • Proposals under the Sustainable Communities Act. 
  • Community and Village Planning
  • Citizens Panel
Review on a regular basis SSDC's vision for the local area and its impact on the authority's governance arrangements Local code of corporate governance
Ensure that partnerships are underpinned by a common vision of their work that is understood and agreed by all parties
  • Local code of corporate governance 
  • Partnership working in SSDC 
  • Partnership register
  • S113 Agreement with East Devon District Council
Ensure that financial and activity performance reports are produced in a timely and understandable manner.
  • Annual Statement of Accounts
  • Summary Statement of Accounts 
  • Budget Monitoring Statements 
  • Outturn reports
Put in place arrangements for the independent review of financial and operational reporting processes.
  • Audit Committee Terms of Reference
  • Scrutiny Committee Terms of Reference
  • Annual audit letter and audit reports
  • Internal Audit Plan and Annual Report
  • Peer challenges
Put in place effective arrangements to identify and deal with failure in service delivery
  • Complaints procedure
  • "Lean thinking" approach to service delivery
Decide how value for money is to be measured and make sure SSDC or the partnership has the information needed to review value for money and performance effectively. Measure the environmental impact of policies, plans and decisions
  • Service plans 
  • Performance plans 
  • Benchmarking Information 
  • Satisfaction surveys 
  • Place shaping surveys  
  • Achievement of efficiency targets 
  • Annual balanced budget
  • Achievement of Corporate Plan targets