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You may also comment on decisions that we have to make. Major decisions that are to be discussed or made are published in the Executive Forward Plan. You can have your say on these decisions, or any other matter, by:

  • Attending our meetings and committees such as area committees, except where, for example, personal or confidential matters are being discussed.  
  • Speaking at all council and committee meetings
  • Reading committee reports, minutes and background papers on our agendas and minutes page
  • Contacting your local councillor about any matters of concern to them
  • Participating in the our question time and contribute to commissions and other investigations by the Scrutiny Committee and policy panels;
  • Making representations to the Area and Regulation Committees when they consider and determine planning applications
  • Finding out, from the Executive's Forward Plan, what major decisions are to be discussed by the Executive and when
  • Commenting or complaining to us about any council procedure or service
  • Making a complaint to the Ombudsman if you think we have not followed procedures properly. However, you should only do this after using making a formal complaint to us
  • Making a complaint about a councillor to the Standards Committees of local authorities if you have evidence which they think shows that a councillor has not followed the Council's Code of Conduct;
  • Inspecting our accounts and make your views known to the external auditor
  • Voting at local elections if you are registered
  • Obtaining a copy of the Constitution
  • Petitioning to request a referendum on a mayoral form of Executive
  • Requesting information by issuing a Freedom of Information request

Community Governance Review of Barwick Parish Council

Proposed Increase in the Number of Parish Councillors on the Parish Council, and to change the name to Barwick & Stoford Parish Council

A request was received in 2017 from Barwick Parish Council requesting that the District Council conduct a consultation (Community Governance Review) of all the electors and local interested groups to ask if they would support the increase in the number of Parish Councillors from 10 to 12 Councillors, and, to change the name to Barwick & Stoford Parish Council.

The Parish Council have given the following reasons to support their request to increase the size of the Parish Council to 12 members:-

  • Most of the Councillors work full-time - only two are retired.
  • 1 Councillor spends his time overseas for 6 months of the year and therefore is unable to take on much responsibility.
  • Some very large projects are coming up and more help is needed - possible relocation of village hall & new build, improvements to the recreation ground in Barwick.

A 6 week consultation will now take place within the parish to ask if they support this request and local electors are encouraged to respond with their comments by writing to the officer below, by 2 March 2018:

Angela Cox - Lead Officer Community Governance Review,

South Somerset District Council

Brympton Way


BA20 2HT

Alternatviely by email to: angela.cox@southsomerset.gov.uk.