Our partnership with East Devon District Council

We have joined up with East Devon District Council to form the biggest district partnership in England.


Why work in partnership?

Currently, 20 per cent of district councils in England already have a formal partnership arrangement with a neighbouring district or seriously considering it. The reason for this is to help save council taxpayers money, preserve services for residents and to respond to expected cuts in Government funding over the coming years.

Experience in other parts of the country shows that efficiencies can be gained from a shared chief executive, management team, joint procurement and shared specialist positions at both authorities.

Councils much smaller than either South Somerset or East Devon have reported savings of £1.5 million a year. If, for example, these two councils simply shared a management structure and nothing else, it could produce a combined annual saving of around £2.5 million.


Why work with East Devon District Council?

Both councils have many similarities:

     South Somerset East Devon
Population 162,000 137,000
Area 960 sq km 814 sq km
Largest town Yeovil (42,00) Exmouth (37,000)
Parishes 121 68
Corporate Performance Assessment 'Good' 'Good'
Population profile

Under 16: 18%

Working age: 57%

Retirement age: 25%

Under 16: 16%

Working age: 53%

Retirement age: 31%


Total = 60

Liberal Democrats = 38

Conservatives =17

Independents = 5

Total= 59

Liberal Democrats = 11

Conservatives = 42

Independents = 6


Latest updates and next steps

See the latest shared services developments.

Latest developments


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