Shared services: latest developments

January 2011

Both councils are now close to meeting their budget gaps this financial year through individual savings. Councillors decided in November that proposals for a formal shared management structure would be discussed at a later date.

Mark Williams, Joint Chief Executive explains, "By entering a partnership, we have opened up many opportunities for sharing and are already progressing several joint projects which will make savings to help us retain services for our residents in the face of ongoing funding cuts. 


"This financial year, both councils look set to meet their own budget gaps individually, so councillors are keen to progress efficiency projects at each authority first, before returning to joint management discussions as part of work to meet the predicted shortfalls particularly over the next two to three years. 


"Our partnership continues to provide a whole range of strategic options for our members to consider in the coming years. Both councils are committed to doing everything they can to preserve services that people have told us they value, rather than taking any knee jerk reactions."    


May 2010


On Tuesday 18 May, East Devon District Councillors hosted a visit by South Somerset District Councillors at the East Devon offices at Knowle, Sidmouth.


Leaders of EDDC and SSDC, Sara Randall Johnson and Tim Carroll, welcomed everyone and said how much they looked forward to successful partnership working between their two councils.


James Chubb, EDDC's Education Ranger, showcased a DVD about East Devon's Food for Thought project and everyone went away with their own copy of this and the Countryside Team's Think Deep DVD.



April 2010

A Joint Integration Committee (JIC) has been set up, which will hold regular public meetings and discuss what is possible, and what is not possible, in sharing services between the two councils.


You can view the agendas and minutes for each of these meetings as they will be posted on the agendas and minutes page of our website.


The following councillors have been appointed to the Joint Integration Committee:


South Somerset District Council


  • Cllr Jo Roundell Greene (Ward member)
  • Cllr Tim Carroll (Leader of SSDC)
  • Cllr Martin Wale (Ward member)
  • Cllr Rupert Cox (Chair of Scrutiny)
  • Cllr Ric Pallister (Deputy Leader of SSDC)

East Devon District Council


  • Leader of EDDC - Cllr Sara Randall Johnson
  • Portfolio Holder Resources - Cllr Andrew Moulding
  • Portfolio Holder Street Scene - Cllr David Cox
  • Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group - Cllr Geoff Chamberlain
  • Leader of the Independent Group - Cllr Mike Green

Meetings will be spread between Sidmouth, Chard and Yeovil, and are open to the public like any other public council committee meeting.


It is expected that the JIC will make recommendations to SSDC's District Executive and EDDC's Executive Board and subsequently Full Council at both authorities in the autumn, so this is when decisions and further announcements are expected.


Key dates


The timetable for the shared services arrangement between East Devon and South Somerset is as follows:



11 December 2009: Councils agree first step towards joint management idea.


26 February 2010: Decision on joint management for councils gets 'green light'.


22 March 2010: Mark Williams starts work as Joint Chief Executive.


8 April 2010: First meeting of JIC.


Autumn 2010: JIC reports to SSDC's District Executive and EDDC's Executive Board


Autumn 2010: JIC reports to both councils' Full Council meetings