Our vision

Find out about our vision, mission, values and corporate priorities

Our vision

To be an organisation consistently delivering an improving quality of life for all.

Our mission

Our strength is our flexible approach to creating a district in which people want to live, work or visit.

The Enable-Partner-Deliver concept is a bold statement of how we will work with communities and partners to seize opportunities, realise ambitions and secure improvement.

Our values

  • Respectful and polite
  • Professional, trustworthy and act with integrity
  • Be fair and act positively to promote equality
  • Open and accountable
  • Supportive, listening and responsive

Our corporate priorities

  • Jobs - We want a strong economy which has low unemployment and thriving businesses
  • Environment - We want an attractive environment to live in with increased recycling and lower energy use
  • Homes - We want decent housing for our residents that matches their income
  • Health and Community - We want communities that are healthy, self-reliant, and have individuals who are willing to help each other


These priorities were selected after consultation with organisations and residents locally, all of whom have a stake in the future of the district and the priorities form the core focus of the our work.

To find out more about our corporate priorities and how we aim to realise these aims, please see our Council Plan