About Performance Management:

The performance of the Council is of interest to the whole community. People expect high quality and good value for money services. It is very important for the Council to be accountable for its performance to the local community.

Local Performance Monitoring and Reporting:

SSDC has a small basket of key, focused indicators that help us to monitor our progress against our key focus areas. These indicators were selected by members in May 2012 as part of the performance framework review. Some of these indicators are monitored on a quarterly basis, the rest are contained within the annual performance report. To see the indicator definitions please click here.  We also report annually on the progress of key actions contained in the Council Plan. Our reports include:

  • Corporate Performance Monitoring Report (Quarterly)
  • Annual Performance Report (includes council plan and all indicators)

Corporate Performance Monitoring Report 2016/17 (quarterly):

Q1 Performance Monitoring Report 2016/17

Q2 Performance Monitoring Report 2016/17

Q3 Performance Monitoring Report 2016/17


Corporate Performance Monitoring Report 2015/16 (quarterly):

Q1 Performance Monitoring Report 2015/16

Q2 Performance Monitoring Report 2015/16

Q3 Performance Monitoring Report 2015/16


Please note, there is no Q4 report as all indicators are reported as part of the annual performance report (below)


Annual Performance Report:


Half Year Update Report 2016/17


Annual Performance Report 2015/16

National Performance Framework:

Central Government have a single, clear list of the minimum data they need from local authorities. The list is open to regular review, scrutiny and challenge. The most up to date list can be found at: