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About Area Development

We have created four Area Development teams, as part of the Place and Performance directorate. We work closely with councillors for parish, district or county council, and with partnerships, organisations and individuals to help shape our communities to be better, safer places to live in, to encourage business and trade, and to help develop skills and improve the health of our citizens.

Find out which area your town or parish is in - follow this link.

Our work uses well-established principles of community development, which includes assisting with the preparation and implementation of local town, parish and neighbourhood plans.

In particular we work to deliver programmes of investment for each Area Committee, establishing local needs and priorities and working with communities to help make a difference at a local level. We do this partly by assisting with the preparation and implementation of local town, parish and neighbourhood plans.

The Area Development team can also provide guidance and support to voluntary and community groups and associations seeking to provide new or different activities and services that will benefit South Somerset. This can mean helping people access support from a wide range of national, county level and local services or something more direct, like providing a grant or helping with an event.

 For more information on how SSDC helps build better communities in your area visit our Communities pages or contact us.

As you would expect, SSDC works with a very wide range of different organisations and services, working across South Somerset. Our Area Development Service supports this work through the Local Strategic Partnership.

Service standards

Community Grants

We are committed to supporting community-led projects and initiatives for which we offer a range of grants. The standards that we expect to fulfil are:

  • Grant Application Pack to be sent out within 48 hours of request
  • Acknowledgment letter to be sent out with 3 day of receipt of application from
  • Award letter and conditions to be sent out within 5 days of scrutiny committee

  Area and Community Offices

The Council has staff available in all Area and Community offices to offer advice and guidance on all council services. In particular:

  • Benefits applications may be handed in at all offices where they will be verified by our staff.
  • Planning applications and decision notices are available to view, as are minutes of Area Committee meetings which include planning decisions.
  • A planning duty officer will be available at Churchfields, Wincanton and Holyrood Lace Mill, Chard on a Monday

Area Development - Community Development and Regeneration

We aim to:

  • Answer all Regeneration and Community Development queries and questions received within the timescales set by corporate service standards.
  • Offer advice and support to any community group within our Area wishing to produce a parish plan.
  • Encourage participation and will give at least six weeks' notice of workshops, meetings or consultations, which will always be held in accessible venues.
  • Ensure that communities are consulted and engaged with all of our major physical improvement projects.
  • Endeavour to offer funding advice to local associations and voluntary groups and where we are unable to offer grant assistance we will provide information on other possible sources of funding.
  • Support community based and multi-agency partnerships which work together to tackle issues relating to the safety and well-being of residents across the district.