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Horticulture team

Lufton Depot
Artillery Road
BA22 8RP
United Kingdom

01935 462462

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Service standards
  • All grassland will be cut to the appropriate length for the site, up to 16 times per year, leaving no piles of clippings and grass around obstacles will be trimmed.
  • Shrub beds will be maintained in line with best practice, weed growth controlled and the area left in a clean and tidy manner
  • Hedges will be maintained to a smart appearance with no woody weeds remaining. (In 2008, SSDC were awarded Gold in the South West in Bloom Competition)
  • Bedding areas will be evenly planted with healthy plants and no noticeable weed growth
  • Hard surfaced areas will be kept clean and free from weeds
  • All trees for which we are responsible will be risk assessed by 2009 and subsequent work carried out according to risk priority.
  • All principle open spaces will be risk assessed annually
  • Maintain closed churchyards that have become our responsibility, cutting the grass up to 16 times a year
  • Work with planning policy and development control teams to ensure appropriate provision and standards of open space in new developments