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About the Service

Corporate Procurement's principle activity is to lead on centrally let corporate contracts. To offer professional advice on procurement related matters to front line services. To be the custodian of the procurement strategy and its attaching action plan. To ensure that such procurement activity takes place in accordance with UK and EU procurement rules.
Service standards Support services provide a range of back office services in support of many front line services. They further supply administration and support for a range of central contracts. Support services functions cover a wide and diverse range of activity from looking after the lease car fleet to sealing legal documents.

Support services also administer and champion the councils risk register and risk management process.

  • Assisting front line services to reduce costs in both bought in and in house resources, by providing a professional customer focused service that always put the needs of the customer first. (Gershon savings target 3%)
  • Ensure procurement advice is freely available and professional and delivered to all those that ask or need it, irrespective of the size of the procurement. (Annual consultation)
  • Consult with customers to ensure that goods and services are aligned with customer needs and expectations. Consultation on central contracts annually
  • To action all requests for assistance or goods or services within 24 hours or at least to acknowledge to the customer the action taken.
  • To ensure that a "Best Value " approach is taken in all things that we do, so by reducing the overhead cost that procurement and support services impose on the organisation. (Freeze all non staff cost at 2006 levels)
  • Process all orders and invoices within 30 days and to assist others in doing so (30 day payment stats)
  • Ensure that all procurement practices at the council comply with our strategy, EU procurement rules, UK Legislation and our own Contract Standing Order and Procurement rules. (Annual spend analysis)
  • Assist the council in understanding, managing and dealing with all risks affecting the council, its staff and resources in a professional manner. To provide training and guidance as appropriate together with tools and resources to enable it to do so. (Issue monthly risk reports)