Chard Regeneration Scheme (CRS)

Project Summary 

The Chard Regeneration Scheme is a multi-million pound project in progress to regenerate Chard's town centre. The scope includes town centre development, the Chard key site (eastern development area) and improvements to traffic flow.

Hundreds of local people have been helping shape the vision for the town.  Their comments have been analysed by LDA Design who have been coordinating the project.  The result is a series of  linked plans for sustainable growth in Chard which have now been published.

The plans include:

  • Town Centre - over three acres of the town centre is earmarked for redevelopment, centred on Boden Mill.  Use includes retail, business and car parking.
  • Chard Eastern Development Area (CEDA).  This is a longer term plan, which includes over 2,700 houses as well as employment land, a new primary school and neighbourhood centres.
  • Transport plan to improve traffic flow and encourage HGV traffic away from the town centre.

For more information about the background, objectives and management structure of the Chard Regeneration Scheme, please read the project summary.

Latest News

Ambitious plans for more housing and community facilities In Chard are gathering pace.

At a recent meeting of the Full Council, South Somerset Councillors unanimously adopted "Option 3" of Chard's Regeneration Framework, as part of the entire South Somerset Local Plan. After another 6 weeks of formal consultation, that will start in June and then a formal public examination by an Independent Inspector in early 2013, the Local Plan should finally be adopted.

Meanwhile the District Council is encouraging landowners and developers to progress their plans for the land to the east of Chard, in expectation that the Inspector will support the town's aspirations, for controlled growth over the next 15 years.

On Saturday May 26th between 11am to 3pm, one developer will be holding and open drop- in style event    on proposals to build around 90 houses to the east of Oaklands Avenue, in Chard Guildhall. The developers are very keen to show their plans to the local community and other interested parties, in order to get their views/suggestions. The land in question is an important part of the identified growth area, so SSDC planners think that the principle of development is likely to be acceptable

Other developers, with interests in the land between the A30 and Forton Road, are already working together to produce their detailed masterplan for this large piece of the Chard Eastern Development Area 'jigsaw'. 

Cllr Jo Roundell Greene, Chair of the Chard Regeneration Scheme Board said;

"It's great to see such a ringing endorsement for the planned growth of Chard.   The Chard Regeneration Framework was produced after lots of hard work from the local councils and community. It's fantastic to see that the developers are keen to move it forward. Once the inspector has endorsed the plan we will be encouraging landowners to submit planning applications as soon as possible.   As always, it is important that local people get involved to help shape the detailed proposals."

Other News

Redevelopment of Chard Town Centre moves a step closer.

The long awaited redevelopment of Chard Town centre moved a step closer when South Somerset District Council chose Henry Boot Developments Ltd as their preferred development partner.

At a well attended drop-in event last October, Chard residents gave their views on detailed design proposals for the former ACI/Boden Mill site from a short list of two developers. Those who could not attend gave their comments online or by letter.

The Chard Regeneration Scheme Project Board have now assessed the merits of both proposals and their recommendation to engage Henry Boot Developments Ltd, one of the UK's leading property development companies, was accepted by South Somerset District Council's District Executive Committee in early February.

Project Board Chairman Councillor Jo Roundell Greene said "We had many things to think about when deciding on this crucial next step. We were extremely grateful to receive the wide ranging views on the two proposals and considered them carefully in coming to our decision. We believe that we have chosen the right way forward for Chard, but realise that this is only the beginning and there are still a lot of issues we must work through with local residents and our development partner."

Craig Mathias, who led the successful bid said "The Henry Boot Developments team worked hard to ensure that our proposals support the vision for the regeneration of Chard town centre. We look forward to completing a formal agreement with South Somerset District Council and making a start on this very exciting project"

Their suggested design, known until now as 'Proposal B', includes substantial physical redevelopment of the Boden Mill Site to include a 45,000 sq ft food store, additional retail units, residential, a Town Square, under-croft parking for nearly 300 cars and refurbishment of Boden Mill for a variety of uses including retail, commercial and residential.

The proposal should bring much needed investment to Chard and increased footfall to the town centre. The final design and layout will be agreed through local consultation and the relevant detailed planning application process before redevelopment is anticipated to begin on site in late 2013/early 2014.

Hundreds of people had already helped to shape a masterplan and vision for Chard's future, setting out the town's aims to transform the former ACI factory site and Boden Mill area into a vibrant mixed-use space with a well-defined public area and strong pedestrian links.

The ongoing Chard Regeneration Scheme is being progressed by a partnership between South Somerset District Council, the Homes and Community Agency,Somerset County Council and Chard Town Council.

Please use the links to view the submissions from Henry Boot Developments Ltd:

Image 1: Overview of the Proposed Regeneration The mixed-use development includes the food store, under-croft parking, residential and retail premises as well as a pedestrianised public square with the relocated archway and regeneration of Boden Mill

Image 2: View into the proposed development: Connectivity with the Town Centre  (from Boden Street into the site).The relocated archway clearly visible.

Image 3: View into the proposed development:Mill Lane towards the regenerated Mill - A new pedestrian access.

Image 4: View into the proposed development:Entrance to the undercroft parking. Vehicle and pedestrian movements are separated and the Mill brought into use.

Image 5: Boden Mill North Elevation - Cross Section showing how the under-croft parking uses the topography of the site to provide quality public realm above.

Chard Town has its say Community Consultation Event was held on Saturday 29th October 2011 with more than 200 local residents and businesses commenting on proposals for the former ACI/Boden Mill site.

A short list of two developers has now been selected through a competitive process to put forward their detailed proposals to redevelop Chard Town Centre (the former ACI site).  These proposals are being assessed through a robust appraisal process and must include evidence of a commercially viable development which also delivers on the aspirations of the CRS Town Centre Masterplan (see the September 2010 exhibition boards below).  Our aim is for a vibrant mixed-use space around Boden Mill (commercial and residential) with a well-defined public area and strong pedestrian links. Both proposals aim to compliment what's already established in the town centre and increase footfall.

Please find below a link to both proposals (these are the boards that were on display at the public consultation)

Proposal A 

Proposal B

The public consultation took place from 29th October until 7th November.  You can now view the Complete Summary of Responses  These results have been fed into a recommendation and were presented to the Project Board in February 2012.

17 March 2011 Chard Town Centre development brief is published

A formal development brief for Chard Town Centre that has been shaped by Chard residents over two years has now been published. The brief sets out the town's aspirations for a brand new town 'heart', including the redevelopment of the former ACI factory site into an attractive shopping, eating and business area, and invites developers to express initial interest.

The document summarises the aspirations of hundreds of residents and businesspeople, who have been working with South Somerset District Council to form a vision and overall masterplan for the town's future. The brief seeks a vibrant mixed-use space around the regenerated Boden Mill, with a well-defined public square and strong pedestrian links, so that it becomes a destination and space for events and markets that compliments what is already established in the town centre.

Chard Town Centre Marketing Brief Draft March 2011


Public Exhibition September 2010

The latest plans were unveiled to over 400 local people at a very successful exhibition on 11th September in Chard Guildhall.  These exhibitions panels show the latest news.

Chard Regeneration Scheme (CRS) Masterplans - Public Exhibition Panels


NB:It's important to understand that far from being a detailed representation of exactly what buildings and roads are to go where - the town wide masterplan is 'illustrative' and gives an impression of how Chard might look after the principles in the Regeneration Framework have been applied. The Regeneration Framework and masterplans will be used as a tool to assist the Local Authority and council members in guiding development decisions. As planning applications come forward for development in Chard, the normal planning assessment and consultation process will be applied in agreeing final design for each area of development.

The Documents

The following documents were produced by LDA Design in consultation with local businesses and residents. Together, these four core documents comprise the Chard Regeneration Framework (CRF) and have been externally evaluated and internally approved by the partnership of Somerset County Council (SCC), South Somerset District Council (SSDC) and Chard Town Council Officers and Members.

The four Chard Regeneration Framework documents can be accessed via the links provided.


  1. A Vision for Chard (September 2010)

The 'Chard Vision' sets out a 15-20 year vision, identifying priorities for the town's regeneration and development. The vision will guide future planning, give confidence to investors and encourage the regeneration and investment necessary to improve the health and performance of the town.

2. The Chard Regeneration Plan (September 2010)

The 'Regeneration Plan' sets out proposals for the evolution of the town over the next 20 years.


3. The Chard Regeneration Framework: Implementation Plan (Final Draft)

'The Implementation Plan seeks to set out a clear plan of action. It summarises the major proposals in the 'Regeneration Plan' and describes the process whereby they might be delivered.


4. Strategic Transport Appraisal Report

South Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council (Highways) commissioned Peter Brett Associates to assess the transport implications, strategy and infrastructure needs to support housing and employment growth underpinning proposals for the Chard Regeneration Framework.


General enquiries about regeneration in Chard should go to the Area Development Manager (West):Andrew Gillespie on 01935 462364 or e-mail