Our Equality Objectives 2016 -2018

The Equality Objectives 2016 -2018 present our vision and approach to working towards equal life chances for all. The Equality Objectives Action Plan sets out how we will meet those targets.

Our Equality Objectives 2016 -2018

We remain committed to promoting equality, recognising and valuing diversity, and respecting the principles of human rights. The Equality Objectives 2016 - 2018 presents our vision and approach to ensuring equal life chances for all.

We believe that everyone in our local communities has the right to be safe and protected from harm, to be treated fairly and with dignity, to live the life of choice, and to take an active part in the community. These fundamental principles of human rights are at the very core of our service delivery. This means that everyone should have equal access to our services and the right to be treated fairly by those services.

The Equality Objectives have brought together the significant progress in equality and diversity that the district had achieved over the previous three years and built upon it. This means going beyond our legal responsibilities for equalities in the areas of service delivery, employment and working practices.

Equality Objectives

Equality Objectives are required as a specific duty under the Equality Act 2010. 

They set out how we will deliver and achieve our equality aims through key tasks in our action plan. We will closely monitor and report on the progress of all actions within the Equality Objectives.

 The Public Sector Equality Duty, section 149 of the Equality Act 2010, requires SSDC to consider all individuals when carrying out our day-to-day work, in shaping our policies, in delivering services, and in relation to our staff.

When carrying out our activities, we are required to have due regard to the need to:

  • Eliminate discrimination
  • Advance equality of opportunity
  • Foster good relations between different people

 The Specific Duties help us to achieve the Equality Duty. These include preparing and publishing equality information and the setting of Equality Objectives.


The Equality Objectives have been produced over the years with the help and support of service users, community representatives, partners and staff:

The original Equality Objectives were consistent with SSDC's Council Plan and were presented to our Scrutiny Committee, and endorsed by Full Council.

The Equality Objectives are reviewed annually to ensure that they remain relevant and accurate, particularly in the light of new information and local changes.  This enables us to make further refinements and amend our action plan to ensure continuing progress on delivery. 

A progress report on the Equality Objectives Action Plan is presented annually to the Equality Steering Group, when the amended action plan is approved following consultation.

In June 2016 the Equality Objectives 2016 - 2018 were presented to our Scrutiny Committee and endorsed and approved by District Executive committee.

The reviewed Equality Objectives Action Plan 2016 - 2018 proposed to extend the existing actions and introduce some new ones whilst retaining the current overarching Equality Objectives (with some minor word amendments to align with the Council Plan 2016):

  1. Equality is at the heart of our decision making process
  2. Accessibility - deliver services that meet the needs of the community
  3. To build healthy and self-reliant communities