Hate Crime

A hate crime is any incident where you or someone else has been targeted because they or you are believed to be different or any incident you believe was motivated by race, faith, sexual orientation or disability.

What is a Hate Crime?

Hate crime is any offence committed against a person or property which is motivated by the offender's  hatred of people because they are seen as being different.

You don't have to be from a minority community to be a victim of hate crime.

Hate crime hurts, it can be confusing and frightening. By reporting it, you may be able to prevent these crimes from happening to someone else.

Reporting it makes a difference... to you, your family and your life.

Types of hate crime

Hate Crimes or hate crime incidents are crimes or incidents that are targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that person's:

  • Race or ethnicity
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Transgender identity

Incidents may involve verbal abuse, harassment, attacks, damage to your property, bullying or graffiti.

What the Police can do

Avon and Somerset Police will not tolerate any form of hate crime. We are committed to ensuring your safety, regardless of an individual's Race, Religion or Belief, Sexual Orientation or Gender.

In each of the police districts we have a trained officer to handle Race, Religion, Homophobic, Transphobic and Disability crime. In addition to full investigation, they can provide you with advice, discuss what has happened to you or put you in touch with other agencies who may be able to provide you with other forms of support.

This link: Report a Hate Crime will take you direct to the Avon and Somerset Constabulary website.

You can also contact Stand Against Racism and Inequality(SARI), Tel: 01179 420060. SARI have produced a briefing paper on how to respond and report a Hate Crime or Hate incident.

The Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS) can provide expert information, advice and support on discrimination and human rights issues and the applicable law, especially if you need more help than advice agencies and other local organisations can provide.

Related information and links

A Voice

A Voice is a free, independent and confidential advocacy service for victims of crime or anti-social behaviour run by the Care Forum in association with SEAP (Support, Empower, Advocate, Promote) and SARI (Stand Against Racism and Inequality).

A Voice can advocate for an individual they are over 18 years old, live in the Avon and Somerset Police force area and has one or more of the following:

  • Issues with their mental health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Physical Disabilities or
  • Become a victim because of their age, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and belief

A Voice Advocate can help individuals:

  • Understand the criminal justice process and their rights within it
  • Access services to help them cope and recover from the crime
  • Explore their options with them and support their decision-making
  • Get practical help from other agencies by working with them on their behalf
  • Make informed decisions by offering guidance and information
  • Get their voice heard

A Voice can be contacted by:

Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT)

The Senior Citizen Liaison Team provide a comprehensive victim support package known as the Platinum Service Scheme for vulnerable older adults who been victims of doorstep crime or those who have been identified as being at high risk of becoming victims in the Avon and Somerset Police force area. The Platinum Service Scheme includes designated caseworkers for clients with a full range of support, including:

  • Crime prevention survey of clients home address
  • Personal safety pack, including free mobile phone and home-safe
  • Ongoing telephone support for indefinite period
  • Social Inclusion visits with other clients to support rehabilitation
  • Ongoing befriending opportunities with SCLT

SCLT can be contacted on 07788 236804


Somerset Survivors

The Somerset Survivors website, has information and advice for anyone affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence in Somerset.