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Pro-Bono Professional Services (professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service)

Free or subsidised services are available to charities and other voluntary and community organisations covering a range of professional services such as business support, HR, legal advice, property and buildings, media and communications as well as access to volunteers from a business background.


Ethical Property Foundation - Offer independent advice and training to help charities and voluntary groups rent, buy, let or manage their property.


Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors - Charity Property Help- RICS offer registered charities and voluntary organisations a minimum one-hour consultation with a RICS-regulated firm free of charge. Whatever the issue, from planning and the environment through to project management and maintenance, they're there to help.


iT4Communities - Help charities and community/voluntary groups to find volunteers to help with their IT needs; help IT professionals find suitable IT volunteering opportunities; provide support for volunteering projects from project definition to project completion.;jsessionid=F677F08937534A298D75223E77F58F04


Cranfield Trust - Helping charities, non-profits and voluntary organisations deliver services effectively and achieve social change through the provision of free business skills to help charities succeed.; through more than 850 volunteer management consultants, providing charities with pro bono business expertise; free HR advice to any registered charity or other social enterprise with a charitable purpose.


The Media Trust - Work with the media industry to empower charities and communities to have a voice and be heard. The Media Trust is a charity that gives a voice to other charities, community groups and young people through training, films, TV and volunteer matching where we connect with the media industry. The Media Trust has 20 years of success creating communications solutions for charities and communities for social good and work in alliance with the UK's top media and communications companies.


LawWorks -  The Not-for-Profits Programme brokers legal advice to small not-for-profit organisations on a wide range of legal issues. These can include drafting a contract, reviewing a lease, updating a constitution/articles, or clarifying rights in a commercial dispute.


iProbono - iProbono is a non-profit online network connecting civil society organisations and social businesses in need of legal assistance with lawyers and students who want to use their legal skills for the public good.


Thomson Reuters Foundation TrustLaw - Through TrustLaw, over 100,000 lawyers offer their time and knowledge to help organisations achieve their social mission for free. This means NGOs and social enterprises can focus on their impact instead of spending vital resources on legal support.


Advocates for International Development - Through their innovative broker service A4ID brings together legal experts and those working towards the Millennium Development Goals, ensuring all those who need legal advice can access it. They help development organisations to understand what their legal needs are and then put them in touch with the legal experts who can assist. They have a network of more than 53,000 lawyers around the world who provide free legal advice to development organisations, civil society groups, bar associations, developing country governments and social enterprises. The legal support they provide can help development organisations in a number of ways, from improving their back-office operations to strengthening their advocacy campaigns.


reach- reach promotes the benefits of skills-based volunteering, attracting prospective volunteers and encouraging non-profits to engage skilled volunteers in their work. They enable professionals and non-profits to find their ideal volunteering match and support the process to increase the impact of each volunteer placement. They cover trusteeship, mentoring, advisory, operational roles, short term projects - in fact any type of volunteering that requires professional expertise.