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Here you will find links to local and national organisations and our own Area Development teams that can provide information, advice and support on a wide range of issues concerned with the setting up and running of effective groups and organisations.


SSDC Area Development Teams


National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)


SPARK - Voluntary Sector Support service


Small Charities Coalition


VCSE Health Checker

A web based diagnostic tool that offers all VCSEs in the UK an opportunity to analyse their organisation and identify areas that could be developed to improve organisational strength. It is not linked to any funding programmes and it is completely free to use.

The VCSE Strength Checker asks a range of questions about your organisation.

At the end, you receive a personalised report highlighting your organisation's strengths, and areas to develop to build core effectiveness.

These will be reported under the following headings:

  • Sustainability
  • Marketing and opportunities
  • Strategy and planning
  • Track record and capability
  • Quality and impact

This feedback could be used as a guide to any work that you undertake to strengthen your organisation.