Speed Watch Schemes

What are the aims of a Speed Watch scheme?

  • Help local people address speeding problems in their area
  • Increase public awareness of the dangers of speeding
  • Provide help and advice to local communities to enable them to make their roads safer
  • Promote and participate in specific road safety campaigns initiated by the police
  • Involve all sections of the community, including Town and Parish Councils, the Police and local residents 

How is a Speed Watch scheme set up

A Community Speed Watch is set up by:

  • Approaching your local Police Beat Manager or Police Community Support Officer to discuss your speeding concerns.
  • Arranging a presentation by the Police and a Representative of the South Somerset Community Speed Watch Co-ordinators Group
  • Usually, identifying a group of at least 6 volunteers including a coordinator for that community
  • Receiving formal police training in the use of Speed Monitoring devices, and procedures for conducting Community Speed Watches
  • Liaising with the police regarding proposed Community Speed Watch operating sites to receive their formal approval after a survey has been conducted
  • Being issued (at no cost) Community Speed Watch equipment including the appropriate Speed Monitoring device, High-Visibility Tabards and recording equipment
  • Carrying out an initial Speed Watch with an experienced Community Speed Watch member

For more information, please contact your local Beat Manager.