Council tax valuation bands

The District Valuer is responsible for assessing property values for Council Tax purposes. By law we must place each home in an appropriate valuation band according to its market value as at 1ST APRIL 1991. So your property will be in one of the eight valuation bands which sets the amount of Council Tax you will have to pay each year. The valuation bands are shown below:

Property market value as at 1st April 1991

Band From To
H £320,001 or greater

The amount of council tax payable is based on the Council Tax set for a band D property in your town or parish multiplied by the proportion relevant to the band of your property. The proportions are in the table below.

Proportions of Council Tax

A 6/9th's
B 7/9th's
C 8/9th's
D 9/9th's
E 11/9th's
F 13/9th's
G 15/9th's
H 18/9th's

For example, if the council tax for a Band D property is £1,447.25 then the council tax for a Band A property will be £964.83. Band E will be £1,768.86. Band H will be £2,894.50.

There are a number of circumstances that could result in an alteration of the valuation band of a property. For further details please see the Valuation Office web site.