Council Tax Penalties

Council Tax pays for important local services provided by the District, County, Parish and Town Councils, The Police and Fire & Rescue Services. The amount of Council Tax to be charged by each of these is determined by reference to the Council Tax base. This determines how much Council Tax each household is charged.

It is important therefore, and to be fair to all Council Tax payers to ensure that only those entitled to a discount or exemption continue to receive it to prevent loss of income.

The law allows the Council to impose a penalty of £70 on any person who fails to:

  • notify the council that a single person discount should have ended;
  • notify the council that an exemption on a dwelling should have ended;
  • notify the council that a discount should have ended;
  • notify the council of a change of address within 21 days or as soon as practicable;
  • notify the council of a change which affects who should be the liable person;
  • provide information requested to establish liability;
  • provide information requested after a liability order has been obtained.


Additional penalties

If the Council has already applied a penalty and makes further requests for the same information, additional penalties of £280 for each subsequent failure to supply that information can be applied.

How will the penalty be applied?

Penalties will normally be added to your Council Tax account and a new bill sent to you. If the person failing to notify a change or provide information to the Council is not the bill payer an invoice will be issued instead.

What if I disagree with the penalty?

If you disagree with a penalty we impose on you, you may first wish to discuss it with us to explain why you disagree.

 Alternatively, you may appeal direct to a Valuation Tribunal Service (VTS). You must do this within two months of the date we apply the penalty. More information about the appeal process can be found on the VTS website .

Do I have to pay if I've appealed?

If you do appeal, you do not have to pay your penalty until your appeal is decided.