How is Council Tax collected?

We will issue you a Council Tax bill showing the charge, any reductions, exemptions, discounts and benefit entitlement, the amount payable by you and the instalment dates.

Where does the money go?

We collect council tax on behalf of other authorities. 70.5 per cent of Council Tax money goes to Somerset County Council, 10.9 per cent to Avon & Somerset Police, 4.7 per cent to Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, 3.9 per cent to parish and town councils within the district and 10 per cent goes to us.

Please see Your Guide for the services covered and where the money goes.

You will normally receive your Council Tax bill in March. It will tell you the amount you have to pay and how that amount has been worked out. The bill will also set out the amount of each instalment and the dates on which each one should be paid.

If you need Your Guide, The Council Tax bill or any other document in large print, braille, audio or another language please contact (01935) 462462.


You will normally receive your annual Council Tax bill in March.  You will be offered ten instalments (April through to January), unless you have chosen to pay 12 monthly, annually or half yearly.  The number of instalments will be reduced if the bill is issued after the end of April.  If you charge changes during the year you will be sent a revised bill along with revised instalments.

Methods of Payment

Please see our "Way's to pay you Council Tax" page.