Current task and finish reviews.

Council Tax Reduction

As part of Central Governments Welfare reform Local Authorities must form a local policy for Council Tax Reduction, which will replace Council Tax Benefits with effect from the 1st April 2013.

The Task and Finish review group, which consists of seven non-executive members, will be working in parallel with the Executive Board.

The ambitions of the Task and Finish review are:

To contribute towards the development of the policy in a timely manner to hopefully prevent Overview and Scrutiny causing any delay to the process of Council agreeing a policy and

To ensure the process that South Somerset District Council uses to formulate the policy is well-evidenced takes account of members' views and is open and transparent.

The policy is both fair and has the minimum impact that is achievable given the criteria for the people of South Somerset.

The policy includes adequate measures to provide stability to the recipients of Council Tax Support.

To ensure the recipients' of Council Tax Benefit are given appropriate notice and good guidance through the transition period.

Ensure the Council agrees to monitor the outcome of the policy and routinely reviews the policy to ensure it is fit for purpose and effective.

To assist in the timely completion of a draft policy, to prevent any financial or reputational risks to South Somerset District Council.

If you would like any further information relating to this review, please contact Jo Gale - Overview and Scrutiny Manager, e-mail:, Telephone: 01935 462077