Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy

Under the contaminated land provisions contained within Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 a local authority is required to "cause its area to be inspected from time to time for the purpose of identifying contaminated land".

The Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy provides the framework for undertaking this task. The strategy provides a means of dealing with the legacy of land contamination across the district of South Somerset. Sites which are potentially contaminated will be identified and assessed to highlight those sites which are most likely to pose the greatest risks.

The principal driver for remediation of land in the South Somerset District will continue to be via redevelopment and the planning regime. However the inspection strategy process and underlying Part IIA legislation provides a means of dealing with sites which are not being dealt with via other mechanisms. Should a site be found to be posing unacceptable risks according to the definitions in the act then the site may be determined as "contaminated land". In such cases appropriate persons will be held liable for the costs of any required remediation.

The original Inspection Strategy document was published in 2001 and a revision was issued in  January 2005. The completion of the strategy is an ongoing process and annual progress reports will be completed each January.


Part IIA Public register

Under section 78(R) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, we are obliged to keep a public register in which it records information about its regulatory activity under the Part IIA (Contaminated Land) regime. The register is not a register of contaminated or potentially contaminated land. The Part IIA public register serves as a permanent record of all regulatory action undertaken to ensure the remediation of any site which has been determined as contaminated land. Information relating to sites that have been determined as contaminated land but where no consequent action has been taken will not appear on the register.

Public register