Dog Fouling & Dog Control Orders

Dog fouling is a major concern to many people, not just because of the mess it causes but because it can also be linked to health risks including 'toxocara canis'.

Our Dog Wardens carry out a range of duties to prevent and reduce dog fouling in public areas. These duties include the routine patrols of parks and open spaces, presentations to schools and the issuing of fixed penalty notices to dog owners who fail to clean up the mess left after their dog.

Failure to clean up after your dog is a criminal offence. Dog owners who fail to clean up after their dog can be fined and even prosecuted in court.

If you are aware of specific individuals who allow their dog to foul, please report it.

Advice for dog owners:

  • Always carry a poop scoop or a bag to carry the mess to a suitable waste bin.  Remember to take this as pick up the lead.
  • Scoop the poop every time your dog fouls.
  • Dispose of it in a dog waste bin or take it home and dispose of it there.
  • If possible, you should encourage your dog to use your garden - you can then either bury the mess or flush it down the toilet.
  • Always keep an eye on your dog so you are aware when and where it has fouled.
  • Do not put dog mess in a green garden recycling bin.
  • Do not let your dog roam the streets.

There is a dog fouling problem I want to report. What do I do?

Please report it to us using the 'Report It' link below with as much information as possible. We keep the source of information confidential and use it to ensure we have the best chance of catching the irresponsible person who doesn't clear up when their dog fouls.

The type of information that will help us includes:

  • where the dog lives
  • descriptions of the dog
  • descriptions of anyone walking the dog
  • the time when the dog is in the area (dogs and their owners often follow similar exercise routes and times)
  • associated vehicle registration numbers

 Report dog fouling

Dog Control Orders:

Councils have powers to make orders regarding dogs in their area.  These Dog Control Orders  prescribe controls that must be complied with, failure to comply is an offence.

There are currently three Dog Control Orders in place for South Somerset.  One relates to Dog Fouling across the District creating an offence for not clearing up dog foul.   Another is the exclusion of dogs at land at the fenced lower lake area at Nine Springs in Yeovil Country Park.  The third order relates to directions to put dogs on leads if an authorised council officer tells you that you must do so.  These orders can be seen below:

Dog Fouling

Dog Exclusion

Dogs on Leads

 Penalties and Charges: 

A number of fixed penalties can be issued for Environmental offences and these are detailed here.