Drains and sewers

Our Environmental Protection team no longer deal with complaints about sewers that are blocked, overflowing, broken or otherwise defective. However, we can still investigate problems with rural drainage systems such as septic tanks.

From 1st October 2011 responsibility for sewers transferred to Wessex Water.  If you have any problems with a sewer you should contact them.

If you have a problem with your own drain within the boundary of your own property then you should contact a drainage company for assistance.  It may also be worth contacting your insurance company as many policies will cover drainage.



A drain is a pipe that takes sewage from only one house.  This is the responsibility of the person who owns the house it serves.



Sewers are pipes which carry sewage from two or more houses. 


Contact our Environmental Protection team

Septic Tanks

Environment Agency guidance on dealing with septic tanks during flooding