Pollution prevention and control permits

PPC 001  Yeovil Crematorium and Cemetery
PPC 002  S Morris ltd Tout Quarry
PPC 003  S Morris Ltd Gazelle Road
PPC 004  Hydraulic Lias Limes Ltd
PPC 006  Podimore Recycling
PPC 008  D S Purcell
PPC 009  Hopkins Brothers
PPC 010  Misterton Garage
PPC 011  Tarmac Limited
PPC 012  Landpower Machinery
PPC 013  J H Swaffield and Sons
PPC 014  A.H & R.A Holland and Sons
PPC 015  South Cheriton
PPC 016  Vale Motors Limited
PPC 017  Hanson Quarry Products Europe Limited
PPC 019  Apollo Motors
PPC 020  Chalon UK, Hambridge
PPC 021  Cronite Castings Limited
PPC 022  Cromite Precision Castings Limited
PPC 023  Westland Helicopters Limited
PPC 024  GKN Aerospace Services Limited
PPC 025  Yeovil Precision Castings Limited
PPC 026  Cerdic Foundries Limited
PPC 027  Asda Stores Ltd
PPC 028  Shell UK Ltd
PPC 029  A.H. Canvin
PPC 030  Newton Steel Stock Ltd
PPC 031 Tor Trucks Limited
PPC 032  Pen Mills Annual Feeds Limited
PPC 033  Lloyd's Animal Feeds Limited
PPC 034  Somerton Service Garage Limited
PPC 035  Pittards Ltd
PPC 036  Anchor Hill Service Station
PPC 037  G A Philips and Sons
PPC 038  Bodycote Heat Treatments Limited
PPC 039  Townsend Garage
PPC 040  Wm Morrison Petrol Station
PPC 041  Wm Morrison Petrol Station 2
PPC 042  Chartman Ltd
PPC 043  Shell Sparkford
PPC 044  Total Podimore
PPC 045  Stirling Leather Plc
PPC 046  The County Stores (Somerset) Holdings
PPC 047  South Petherton Service Station
PPC 048  Shires Garage
PPC 049  Andrew Symms Car Body Repair Limited
PPC 050  Doncasters Aerospace Ltd - Chard
PPC 051  Loders`s Accident Repair Centre
PPC 052  Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc
PPC 053  Crackmore Garage
PPC 054  Yeovil Motor Company
PPC 055  Tesco Filling Station
PPC 056  Broadway Service Station
PPC 057  Three Counties Garage
PPC 058  Central Motors (Chard) Ltd
PPC 059  Ditton Street Garage
PPC 060  Ilchester Garage
PPC 061  Wales and West Utilities
PPC 062  P L Warry and Sons
PPC 064  Yandles Garage Ltd
PPC 065  Tesco Petrol Filling Station (Chard)
PPC 066  Puffin Cleaners Limited
PPC 067  Crewkerne Concrete Limited
PPC 068  Gibbs Valet Service Limited
PPC 069  Daido Industrial Bearing Europe Limited
PPC 070  Douglas Seaton Limited
PPC 071  Somerton Dry Cleaners Limited
PPC 072  Cottage Cleaners
PPC 073  Westland Transmissions Limited
PPC 074  West End Garage (Bruton) Limited
PPC 075  Nationwide Crash Repair Centres Plc
PPC 077  Larkmans Limited
PPC 078 Somerfield Stores Limited
PPC 079  Hopkins Concrete Limited
PPC 080  Broadway Service Station