Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have an environmental permit. It includes: general household waste, white goods, mattresses, garden refuse, and commercial waste, such as builders rubble, clinical waste and tyres. It is generally classed as a fly-tip if it is more than one bag of waste. 

We are responsible for clearing up and collecting materials deposited without permission (fly-tipped) on to public maintained land.  We will not remove fly-tips from other privately owned land. 

When a fly-tip is reported we will investigate and look for evidence of who is responsible for the fly-tipping.  Fly-tipping is an offence with penalties of up to five years' imprisonment and unlimited fines.  As an alternative to prosecution we may issue a fixed penalty notice.

Report Fly-tipping:

Everyone in South Somerset can help fight fly-tipping by reporting incidents, please provide as much detail as possible including:

  • The type and quantity of waste
  • Details of location
  • Date and time of the incident or discovery of fly-tip
  • Exactly what you have seen
  • Description of any people you have witnessed fly-tipping
  • Details of any vehicles you have seen used for fly-tipping in particular the registration number

Report an incident of fly-tipping

Your Duty of Care:

 Fly-tips often occur when people have not taken proper care over the disposal of their waste.

Everyone including householders and businesses have a duty of care over their waste, even after it has left their home or premises.  This means you need to know who is taking your waste away, that they are authorised to do so and hold a Waste Carriers Licence and that you know where the waste is being taken. 

If your waste has been deposited illegally and can be traced back to you, you could be fined even if you had no idea it was going to be fly-tipped.  It is therefore important to consider the following:

  • If you or your business pay someone to remove your waste, ensure you know where it is going. 
  • Never pay cash.
  • always get a full receipt and note details of people and vehicles.
  • Always check the business has a valid licence on the Environment Agency's website:
  • Always be wary of businesses that only operate through social media, do not seem to have a landline number or business address, and offer a very cheap cash deal. 

For more advice about how to fight fly-tipping in Somerset, visit the Somerset Waste Partnership website.

Penalties and Charges: 

A number of fixed penalties can be issued for Environmental offences and these are detailed here.