Stray Dogs

A stray dog is any dog which is running free in a public place without its owner being present.  It makes no difference legally if the dog is accidentally let loose, has been released without permission of the owner, or has been deliberately allowed to roam free.

Dog wardens

Our dog wardens collect contained stray dogs. If a dog has an identification tag or is micro-chipped, the wardens will seek to immediately return it to its owner. If a dog has no identification tag or microchip or if the owner is unavailable, the warden will transport the dog to our stray dog kennels.

Once a dog has been taken to the kennels, charges are incurred (£40.00 fine plus kennelling costs). A dog will not be released until all charges are paid.

Contained stray dogs will be collected from 8.30 am to 9.00 pm week days and from 8.30am to 5.00pm on weekends and bank/public holidays. If a dog is found outside these hours, you can report it to us and the dog will be picked up first thing the next working day.

If you have found a stray dog or have lost your dog, please call 01935 462462. If you are calling this number out of working hours, you will be redirected to our out of hours emergency helpline who will take your details and details of the dog. If you have contained a stray dog the out of hours supervisor will arrange collection of the dog.

Advice for Dog Owners:

  • All dogs should wear a collar and identification tag in public places. The tag should contain contact details for the owner. 
  • Since April 2016 all dogs are also required to be micro-chipped.
  • Ensure your microchip details are kept up to date especially if you move house or change telephone numbers.
  • If you allow your dog to run off the lead you need to ensure it will return when called.
  • If your dog is left in your garden area ensure gates and fences are secure.

Penalties and Charges: 

A number of fixed penalties can be issued for Environmental offences and these are detailed here.