Smoking and vehicles

Can I smoke in my privately owned vehicle?

Yes, the regulations do not extend to vehicles used primarily for private purposes

I am a taxi driver, can I smoke in my own vehicle if I don't have any passengers?

No. Under the smokefree regulations, all vehicles used for public transport will be required to be smokefree at all times. This will mean that a member of the public can be sure that the public transport they use will be free from hazardous secondhand smoke at all times.

Do the regulations include all company vehicles?

Where a vehicle is used as a workplace by more than one person, regardless of whether they are in the vehicle at the same time, it is required to be smokefree at all times. This protects all workers who use the vehicle from harmful secondhand smoke, regardless of when they use the vehicle.

Smoking is permitted in vehicles that are for the sole use of the driver and are not used as a workplace by anyone else, either as a driver or passenger. Smokefree legislation does not apply to vehicles that are used primarily for private rather than work purposes.

I share a company vehicle with one other person, we want to smoke in that vehicle. Why shouldn't we?

This legislation has been developed to protect both smokers and non-smokers from secondhand smoke. As the vehicle is a workplace it falls within the legislation and is required to be smokefree.

Can I smoke on train platforms?

The train operating companies have decided that all stations will be smokefree, including the platforms.