Our Streetscene team takes pride in making sure our streets are maintained to the highest standard.

Streetscene team

Dead animals on paths/roads

We remove dead animals (including cats, dogs, badgers and deer) from the side of the road or from council-owned land. Dead animals´╗┐ will normally be collected the same day of notification.

If a carcass is causing an obstruction on a road and is likely to cause an accident, please report it to us.

If, however, the carcass is in the middle of the road and is not deemed an emergency, please report it to Somerset County Council. Carcases on the edge of a road are our responsibility and should be reported to us.

Please note, Squirrels, hedgehogs and rabbits will not be collected. Dead otters must be reported to the Somerset Otter Group.

Report a dead animal


We are responsible for removing graffiti from public buildings, subways and public areas. Offensive graffiti can be cleaned off highway signs at the request of the Police or Community Safety Co-ordinator. 

We aim to remove offensive graffiti the same day it is reported.

Our Environmental Enforcement team are responsible for the investigation and enforcement of graffiti offences

Report graffiti

Litter bins

We are responsible for regularly emptying public litter bins. If you would like a public litter bin located in an area near you, please contact your local Parish or Town Council.

Report a full litter bin


Our Streetscene Team cleans and sweeps over 370 square miles of roads in South Somerset.

We undertake regular schedule street cleaning of adopted roads and foot paths within towns and villages through´╗┐out the district. Different areas of the district are cleaned on different frequencies. If you report problem area or we find an area that needs cleaning, we will deal with them rather than sticking to a schedule just because it exists

(Please note that street cleaning within the borough boundary of Chard is the responsibility of Chard Town Council).

If you wish to dispose of commercial or industrial asbestos, contact the Environment Agency. If you are unable to transport your household asbestos to a Household Waste Recycling Centre please contact the Somerset Waste Partnership.