Grounds maintenance

Our Horticultural team

Our Horticultural team carry out a variety of routine grounds maintenance services which include grass cutting, hedge cutting and shrub & flower bed maintenance.

Grass Cutting

Grass cutting is carried out on a frequency of 16 cuts per year, with 14 during high season between March and October, approximately on a fortnightly basis. The remaining two cuts occur during the winter when the weather conditions allow.

Most grassland is maintained at a height of 4-8cm depending upon site requirements using a variety of pedestrian and ride on mowers. The cuttings are disposed of evenly across the site, primarily due to the cost and environmental reasons that the amount of green waste generated would require landfill. Footpaths and hard surfaces are cleared of grass cuttings after mowing.

The mowing operations may at any time be postponed due to adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, frost or drought.

Some areas are maintained at lower or higher frequencies in-line with differing external contracts maintenance requirements, including Highway verges owned by Somerset County Council.

Hedge Maintenance

Where applicable our hedges are managed according to the 'Hedgerow regulations act 1997' and the 'Wildlife and countryside act 1981'; good horticultural practise ensures that the majority of our hedges receive a 'cut' shortly after the bird-nesting season has finished; this is usually in July, but can be delayed by seasonal variations.

For those hedges which are a quicker growing variety or are next to footpaths, we aim to give them a second cut in the winter period.

Our larger hedge lines are cut using a tractor and flail machine.

Somerset County Council are responsible for keeping the footpaths, Rights of ways  and roads clear of overhanging vegetation, whereas individual home owners are responsible for overhang from their properties. To report overgrown hedges, and trees, on the highway contact Somerset County Council on 0300 123 2224 or email

Shrub & flower beds

Shrub beds across the district are maintained using good horticultural practise, involving a combination of pruning, chemical or cultural operations; depending on the nature of the plant material on a routine basis throughout the seasons.

These areas are routinely cleared of litter when other operations are being carried out and a layer of mulch is applied or topped up as required to additionally suppress weed growth.

The seasonal floral displays seen in and around Yeovil form part of the 'Yeovil In Bloom' project; (a Yeovil Town Council initiative) and these are funded primarily through sponsorship from local businesses. The roundabouts are owned by Somerset County Council and are planted seasonally using plants grown in the Streetscene depots plant nursery.

Yeovil in Bloom

Yeovil in Bloom is run in partnership between SSDC Environment Services and Yeovil Town Council. For more information, please visit the Yeovil Town Council website

Judging for 2018 took place on Tuesday 17th July, with results being revealed in October. Every year we produce a portfolio to showcase the very best across Yeovil to our judges, please click here to download a copy.