Tree Risk

SSDC are responsible for all trees on land under our ownership, including some trees on certain highway verges owned by Somerset County Council; as such we have a legal duty of care to inspect and manage them through a Tree Risk programme.

Tree Risk Programme

Our tree risk programme involves the management of risk of our trees by identifying hazards which have the potential to cause harm. This means that any part of the tree - its trunk, branches or crown - that might fail structurally, collapse and fall onto a person or property, or cause injury or damage, is a hazard.

Following the inspection of a tree, we then:

  • control the identified risk
  • comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements
  • conserve habitats that are provided by trees
  • minimise the adverse effects on trees

Risk Assessments are conducted on all trees and any works necessary are carried out by our dedicated and highly trained arboricultural team. Trees are then monitored regularly depending on the rating given at the outcome of the inspection.

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