Cars and parking

Civil Parking Enforcement

Somerset County Council's application for Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) powers was approved by the DFT and came into effect from the 11th June 2012.

Somerset County Council have consequently taken over the on-street enforcement  and administration  of  parking  restrictions across the county from the Police and Police Community Safety Officers. This also  includes residents parking zones. The County Council are now responsible for all on street enforcement and parking issues.

The penalty charges vary between £50/70 depending on the nature of the offence, reduced to £25/35 if paid within 14 days.  These charges are laid down under the CPE legislation and the whole process is well regulated. 

Contact details for the new Somerset County Council enforcement service are as follows.

Telephone: (pay a penalty, speak to an advisor about a penalty): 0300 123 2224 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm)

Resident permit phone number(MiPermit- existing schemes only): 0345 520 7007 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm)

NSL phone number(suspensions, dispensations, reporting a vehicle parked in contravention): 01823 210566 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm)

Email address (for general queries or complaints)

Postal address: Somerset Parking Partnership, Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton TA1 4DY 

Website URL:

Click here for useful parking contact telephone numbers across Somerset.

The off street enforcement and administration in South Somerset District Council car parks  (along with all other off street car parks in the County) will be carried out under the same legislation and will be enforced by the District Council(s) with similar penalty fine charges applying.

The penalty fines are now known as Parking Charge Notices (PCN's) and the level of fines in respect of off-street contraventions under the new legislation are as follows: Off-street Contravention levels

Parking Managers at Somerset County Council and all District Councils in Somerset have prepared the attached guidelines in respect of Civil Parking Enforcement. These guidelines are intended to inform the public how challenges and representations are dealt with, including, how each Council will endeavour to treat people fairly, equally and with respect, taking full account of their personal circumstances.

CPE Annual Report - The annual report showing financial and other statistics can be seen at CPE Annual Report 2017/18.

Car Park Charges for 2018-19

The car parking charges for 2018-19 remain at the previous (2017-18) rates as at 1st April 2018 and the 'Consolidation Order' setting out terms and conditions, etc. for use of public car parks is available via the link below. A Schedule of the current charges is also included for information.

Please note that there is now a provision  for an additional 60 minutes free parking for blue badge holders on the time they purchase.

Consolidated Order document ; Schedule of Charges 

"Phone and Pay" 

BemroseBooth Mobile, cashless parking provider, have now introduced its "Phone and Pay" service across South Somerset.

Motorists visiting South Somerset can simply register their vehicle detail, either online at or via telephone - the "Phone and Pay" number for registering and paying for parking is 01935 314844 (please note that the car park 'Ref No' in the table below will be required when using this service).

Smartphone owners can alternatively download the "Phone and Pay" mobile app, free of charge, on Android Market or App Store. Motorist's previous parking history can also be viewed online or through the smart phone app and VAT receipts can be emailed once a parking session has been paid for.

The Iphone app which can be found at has been recently updated. It's free to download, and has a whole host of new features such as:      

  • Locate your nearest parking facility via GPS
  • Store favourite locations and your default vehicle on the account
  • View recent bookings - including a 2 touch "book again" facility
  • Add, remove, edit, select or delete vehicles or payment cards from your account- ideal for those who use the service for both business and pleasure.
  • Park 2 vehicles on the same account simultaneously
  • Include an email address for a one-touch instant payment receipt
  • Change your pass code and SMS settings instantly
  • Once-touch share your location with friends or colleagues
  • View our FAQ's, terms and conditions and our helpful video on how "Phone and Pay" works

Where permitted, motorists can top up a parking session from distance to vehicle; opt for SMS reminders when a session is close to expiring and use the 'Find my Vehicle' button to locate vehicles on busy days.

 Car parks include the following where pay and display charges are in place at present. The 'Ref No' indicated will be required when using this service.






Ref No.


Ref No.


Ref No.


Ref No.

Peter Street
South Street Market
South Street
Park Street
Newton Road
Court Ash
Petters Way
Box Factory
West Hendford
North Lane
Middle Street
(Disabled only.)
Stars Lane West
Earle Street
Brunswick Street
Market Street



Bath Street
Essex Close
Boden Street
Combe Street
The Minnows


South Street 1
South Street 2
Abbey Street
West Street


West Street
Orchard Vale
Shudrick Lane


This new system eradicates the need for mass ticket printing, dealing with lost/damaged/misplaced tickets and is proven to cut back on litter.

View the "Phone and Pay" user video at:

Follow us on twitter to stay updated: @phoneandpay

If you experience any problems using this service you can contact 'Bembrose Booth' customer services on 01727 229 225. 


Car share

If you travel in and around Somerset and are looking for a lift, a way to cut travel costs or help save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint, Car Share Somerset is the place for you!

It's free to sign up and helps co-ordinate your travel plans by matching you up to potential car share matches.

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Car parks

The schedule of car parks shows opening hours, capacity, parking charges, etc. relating to the Council's car parks for 2017/18.

Locations of car parks can be found using the following links (please note that charges shown here may not be up to date):

Car parks in Yeovil

Car parks in Bruton

Car parks in Castle Cary

Car parks in Chard

Car parks in Crewkerne

Car parks in Ilminster

Car parks in Martock

Car parks in Somerton

Car parks in South Petherton

Car parks in Wincanton

Please make sure you pay and display your parking ticket when using any of our car parks. If there is a problem with a pay and display machine, please report it to us.

Our car parks in Yeovil have been awarded with the Park Mark Safer Parking award.

Please note that no South Somerset District Council owned car parks allow motor home parking at this present time.


Car park season ticket

South Somerset District Council would like to introduce you to a new way to renew and manage your season ticket/s.

MiPermit  employs a fully electronic ticket system, this means that you will no longer need to display a paper ticket in your vehicle.

Details of your season ticket are synchronised with our Civil Enforcement Officers hand-held devices so they can see in real-time that you have a valid ticket to park your vehicle.

To purchase/renew your season ticket you do not need to register with MiPermit. You can simply use the system to make your purchase. This will cover the use of one vehicle in the selected car park/s

Registering a full account with MiPermit provides additional control over your ticket such as the ability to edit daily which vehicle the season ticket applies, these alterations are free of charge.

The easiest way to apply/renew your season ticket is online via the following link.

Alternatively you can make payments by calling 0345 520 7007

Residents' parking and on-street parking

The Residents' parking scheme and permits is now being operated by Somerset County Council.

Any queries about new residents parking zones or amending the existing zones should be addressed to SCC Highways office at or telephone 0300 123 2224.
Any queries or refunds/applications for permits, please visit or telephone 0345 520 7007 or by post to: Somerset Parking Partnership, Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton, TA1 4DY.
Further details can be seen on their website at
Somerset County Council has recently consulted on a number of proposals for on street parking across the County. The outcome of this consultation and the proposals can be seen at Residents parking consultation. 

Parking Vouchers for Blue Badge holders

Our Blue Badge Voucher Parking Scheme allows participants to receive up to 50 per cent off parking charges in Yeovil, Chard, Crewkerne and Ilminster. You can purchase a book of vouchers, which can then be displayed with your Blue Badge.

Car parking vouchers only for use in Council owned car parks may be purchased from:

South Somerset Disability Forum (SSDF) Offices at Yeovil Day Centre, 20 South Street, Yeovil  (Entrance on Union Street)

On Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday's between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm

and at the:

Council Offices, Petters House, Petters Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2AS

and at the:

Council Offices, Lace Mill, Holyrood Street, Chard, Somerset, TA20 2YA

Between 9.00am and 4.40pm Monday to Thursday (4.30pm on Friday)

or alternatively postal applications can be made to:

Car Park Administration, Brympton Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2HT

cheques payable to 'South Somerset District Council'


Cost of booklets (10 vouchers):

For Yeovil car parks

1hr  = £8.00

2hr  = £12.00

3hr  = £16.00


Crewkerne, Ilminster, & Chard car parks:                                       

1hr  = £4.00

2hr  = £7.00

3hr  = £8.00

Following a review of car park charges for Blue Badge Holders - for every parking voucher purchased an additional 60 minutes free will be added when the accompanying Blue Badge is displayed.

Please complete the Blue Badge Vouchers application form


On-street parking in designated disabled parking bays remains free to disabled drivers


Parking fines

With effect from 11th June 2012 the system of 'excess charges' has been replaced with a 'Penalty Charge Notice' in conjunction with the new 'Civil Parking Enforcement' regulations as explained above and as set out in the Council's ' Consolidated Order Document'. From that date the standard fines, if paid within 28 days, are £50 or £70 depending on the Level of Contravention.

These fines will be reduced by 50%, as before, to £25 or £35 if you pay within 14 days of having been issued the fine.

If you have been issued with a Penalty Charge Notice, you can either pay this online or as set out here - How to Pay a PCN.

If you wish to challenge a Penalty Charge Notice, you need to make your case immediately, in writing and in accordance with the following guidance: How to Challenge a PCN

If the Council rejects your representation against a PCN you may lodge an appeal on-line to an independent Parking Adjudicator at the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service. See  Traffic Penalty Tribunal leaflet for more information or visit their website.

See also attached guidelines relating to 'Civil Parking Enforcement Representations and Appeals'.

Enforcement Agency - If payments are not made or correspondence entered into to settle outstanding debts this authority will transfer the debt collection to an Enforcement Agency. Attached are some  some frequently asked questions and answers relating to this service and the process's and costs involved.


District-wide car parking strategy

The South Somerset District Wide Car Parking Strategy looks at future car parking needs in the District's main settlements.

A review of the South Somerset car parking strategy (Strategy Review) was adopted by Full Council on Thursday 20th June 2013.

This document is a review of the 2007 strategy and covers all publicly controlled car parks in South Somerset.  There have been significant changes since 2007 and the review assesses the current usage of the car parks with projections for future demand. It sets out options providing additional capacity where projected demand exceeds current supply. Additionally it considers a framework for charging and tariffs, opportunities for improving our car parks, and the local control and management of car parks. The updated strategy includes action plans both on a Town by Town basis and District Wide.

The background to the document can be found in Appendices 1-4 (Strategy Review Appendices), which include an update of the April 2007 Action Plan, a summary of the feedback on supply and usage from the Town & Parish Councils, assumptions in forecasting demand, and a summary of car parking supply and demand.