Residents Views and Councillor’s Research

Residents Views

The Council carried out an eight week consultation process from 9 August 2012 to 5 October 2012. We wrote to everyone who was receiving Council Tax Benefit at that time and sent them a consultation questionnaire so they could tell us what they thought about our proposals.

We also sent postcards to every household in the district to let people know the consultation was taking place and how to take part.

We held four drop in sessions; in Chard, Langport, Wincanton and Yeovil, where people could come along and find out more about the consultation. Consultation questionnaires were available and help was on hand to answers queries and fill in forms. These sessions were well attended with around 200 people coming along.

There was also some local press coverage during the consultation period, along with posters at various places across the district.

The results of the consultation show how residents responded to each of the proposals. There were also some written comments and the analysis of these was also considered as part of the scheme setting.

Councillor's Research

A special group of Councillors from the Scrutiny Committee was formed to look at the change from Council Tax Benefit to Council Tax Reduction. This special group is known as a Task and Finish Group.

The group met on a regular basis over a period of about nine months to look at a wide range of information and evidence to consider the design of a Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

The Task and Finish Group's report sets out their work and their findings. They also considered a number of other documents relating to the scheme design. These related to equality, a vulnerability assessment, and consideration of the impact of the proposals on individual households (using Case Studies).