Hard to Treat (Home Insulation Scheme)

In the UK there are over 10 million homes where the most cost effective energy efficiency measures (e.g. cavity and loft insulation) are unsuitable. These include: older homes with solid walls; homes with no loft space; homes without a connection to a low cost fuel such as oil or gas; and homes where, for technical or practical reasons, simpler energy efficiency measures cannot be fitted.

Your home may be one of these.

Hard to Treat Scheme

Under the Hard to Treat Scheme, South Somerset District Council (SSDC) is working with the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to tackle the problems faced by many house holders who live in hard to treat properties. 

SSDC will (subject to available funding) part fund complex insulation work on your property up to a maximum of £2,000. For people on low income there may also be subsidised loans available through Wessex Resolutions C.I.C. These grants and loans are only available to homeowners. People in rented property need to discuss any problems they have with their homes with their landlords.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. All we may ask is that in return for this funding that you agree to allow interested members of the public to occasionally visit your property. This would be part of a wider event involving other properties participating in the project to encourage other home owners to have this type of work carried out. Such an event would be arranged in consultation with yourselves. We may also like to publish a case study of your property, again to publicise the benefits of the work you are planning to undertake.

What can I apply for funding for?

Solid wall insulation

Installing solid wall insulation will help save money on your fuel bills and can also prevent condensation on your walls and ceilings.  External or internal wall insulation is available and the most appropriate measure will be agreed with the SSDC officer.

Floor insulation

Timber floors on the ground floor can be insulated by lifting the floorboards and laying mineral wool or rigid insulation boards between the joists.

The most common way of insulating solid floors is to lay a new insulated floor on top with a covered rigid insulation layer.

Complex loft insulation

Where there is no loft space, insulation can be applied between and below the rafters, between and above the rafters, or applied to flat roofs.

I'm interested - What Next?

If you are interested in applying for funding please phone the Housing Standards Team at SSDC on 01935 462462 or

e-mail  private.housing@southsomerset.gov.uk).

Arrangements can then be made for a SSDC officer to visit you to assess your needs and give you advice on how to proceed. Once you have decided what you wish to do, the officer will be able to advise you how to apply for grants/loans etc.

Grants/loans available

 You have the following options. -

  • Apply for a grant  of up to £2,000 towards the cost from South Somerset District council,  and/or
  • Apply for a loan from Wessex Reinvestment Trust (WRT) for up to £15,000 towards the costs.

All loans and grants are subject to availability of funds and the usual council grant/loan conditions apply.

Please be aware that there is limited funding for this scheme and so you should not proceed with any works without having received written confirmation from South Somerset District Council and/or WRT  that your grant and/or loan application has been approved. You must have all your funding in place before you instruct your builder to start work.

The grant provided by SSDC will cover 50% of the value of eligible works up to a maximum of £2,000.   E.g. if your works cost £4,000 (or over) then the full £2,000 grant will (subject to funding) be available to you.

Grants will be payable when works are finished, on presentation of the invoice for the eligible works. All work must be completed within twelve months. By eligible works we mean any direct insulation works. Grant payments will not be available for decorating, new kitchen installations, window replacement etc.

Grants are only available to private home owners.

Where can I read further details ?

Download the  17 page, "South Somerset Hard to Treat Scheme Information Pack".