Home loans

The Home Loan scheme makes subsidised loans of up to £15,000 available to home owners to repair and improve their properties to a reasonable standard.

The Home Loan Scheme

What are Loans available for?

The scheme offers loan products of up to £15,000 total to pay for works of repair and improvement to bring houses up to an acceptable standard.

Subject to conditions, Loans are available to Home Owners for the following purposes :

1.  To bring privately-owned properties up to (or work towards) Decent Homes Standard ensuring all Category 1 hazards are dealt with.

2. To bring homes purchased by first-time buyers up to the Decent Homes standard, or work towards this standard.

3. To improve energy efficiency and assist in carbon reduction measures within the home, including energy efficiency measures and renewable energy products.

4. To help fund "Green Deal" initiatives.

5. To top-up Disabled Facilities Grants where the cost of works exceeds the mandatory maximum, to fund discretionary DFG work or to help pay the applicant's contribution towards the cost of the works.

6. To improve the condition and energy efficiency of mobile homes on permanent licensed residential caravan sites.

7. To assist in the purchase of mobile homes for local residents on permanent licensed residential caravan sites.

Subject to conditions, Loans are available for Landlords  for the following purposes:

1. To bring rented accommodation up to the Decent Homes Standard.

2. To enlarge an overcrowded property by creating extra living space.

3. To improve conditions in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) to meet statutory requirements regarding amenities,means of escape in case of fire and disrepair.

4.To improve the energy efficiency of a property and meet "Green Deal" criteria.

5. To bring empty property back into use or to convert under-utilised property into units of rented accommodation.

There are 6 types of loan available. Your adviser will work with you to find a solution which meets your individual needs and means. Wessex Resolutions provides responsible finance and will only approve a loan if they are sure that the loan is affordable for you.

Loans are administered by the Wessex Resolutions C.I.C, but are only available to applicants referred by the South Somerset District Council Housing Standards Section.

Find out more about Wessex Resolution CIC home loans by watching a promotional video on YouTube.

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