Home Maintenance Scheme

The Home Maintenance Scheme is designed to encourage and help home owners to maintain their properties.

What is the home maintenance scheme?

It consist of measures we have developed to encourage homeowners to maintain their homes.

What can the Scheme do for me ?

Assistance and guidance is offered to help home-owners identify what works need to be done and to suggest how the works could be funded.


Why do I need to maintain my home?

Jobs that are ignored can escalate into work which is much more difficult and costly to repair later.

How do I identify what work is required to my home?

The first stage in planning maintenance work is to identify what needs to be done and consider the risks presented by leaving your property in disrepair.

Faults which are not immediately obvious may be identified through methodical inspection. You may be surprised at the things you notice for the first time.

You can do this inspection yourself. However, if you're having difficulty, then we have produced a checklist of works for you to consider. 

If you desire, you can also request a visit from a Housing Standards Officer who will confirm your findings and make their own recommendations.

Request a visit from a Housing Standards officer


What help can I get to do the work myself?

We can point you in the direction of tool-hire companies and builders merchants in your area. This should make it easier for you to get hold of the right tools and materials for your job.  Most companies will also arrange delivery within South Somerset area if needed.


Is there any financial help available?

  1. Subject to eligibility, people on income-related benefits may be able to apply for a home repair assistance grant to cover the cost of essential repairs.
  2. We would also try to help you access charitable funding for any work that does not qualify for grant or loan aid.

What if I live in a terrace where all the houses need similar works?


Houses built around the same time often need similar repairs. Examples are felting roofs, re-wiring and the repair of guttering and down pipes. The Housing Standards team are interested in helping you to work with your neighbours to get repairs done at the same time. This can reduce costs and often improve the overall standard of work. If you would like to discuss a particular scheme, please contact our Housing Standards team.