Making your home energy efficient

Advice is available to assist people to insulate their homes and be generally more energy-efficient. Home visits are also available to help people understand their energy bills and set heating controls most efficiently.

There are a number of steps you can take to save energy and cut costs in your home...

Eco Flex

The new ECO flexibility mechanism ensure that those households living in fuel poverty who do not claim means tested benefits are able to access ECO Affordable Warmth. Our Eligibility Statement of Intent  will support the delivery of national fuel poverty targets to improve the EPC ratings of households in fuel poverty. Our Eligibility Statement of Intent will also help deliver the aims of the Somerset Strategic Housing Framework which facilitates a partnership approach to the delivery of sustainable, warm and healthy homes for all Somerset residents.

What is the Green Deal all about?

The Green Deal is this Government's new flagship scheme to help people make energy efficiency improvements to their property with no up-front costs.

The scheme lets you pay for some or all of the improvements over time through your electricity bill. It is based on the Pay as You Save (PAYS) principle where you pay back the cost of your energy saving improvements over time, using the savings you make on your energy bill. These repayments are added automatically to your electricity bill as a separate charge on signing up to a Green Deal Plan.

Forty-five (45) energy saving measures are eligible for finance through the Green Deal. This includes loft insulation, cavity insulation, internal and external insulation of solid walls, replacement boilers, draught-proofing, double glazing as well as renewable energy technologies

Information about the scheme can be found at the /" website. You can also phone the Home Energy Team on 0300 123 1234 for information about local schemes available.


What is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requires energy companies to invest in measures to reduce carbon emissions and to reduce fuel poverty.

Part of ECO is the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) which places a responsibility on energy suppliers to invest in the installation of energy saving measures which will reduce the amount of money vulnerable households pay to heat their homes. This element of ECO is restricted to private sector households (owned and privately rented), in receipt of certain means-tested benefits.

To find out more about possible schemes available please ring the Home Energy Team on 0800 08 222 34 or e-mail


Can I get a grant for a new boiler?

Under a new scheme funded by EON Energy in association with Vaillant boilers (part of ECO - see previous item) you may be able to get a replacement 'A' rated boiler installed for free.

To be eligible you must be a private tenant or a home-owner on certain relevant benefits, see website for information or telephone 01308 424704


Can I get a grant for loft or cavity insulation?

Under the Government's Green Deal / Energy Company Obligation (ECO) (see above), low income and vulnerable private sector households may be able to access funding for energy saving measures.


Please telephone the Home Energy Team for up to date information about any current schemes on 0800 08 222 34 or email


What happened to the "Warm Front" scheme ?

The scheme has now ended, with the last day for new applications being 19th January 2013 

A press release from the Department of Energy & Climate Change gives the new contact number for anyone wanting advice about insulation or heating as being 0300-123-1234.


Can I get a grant for solar photovoltaics?

No. Grants are no longer available, but you may still benefit from feed-in tariffs (payments for the low carbon electricity produced).


What are Feed-In Tariffs?

These tariffs provide financial incentives for people and businesses to install electricity-generating technologies, such as solar electricity panels (photovoltaics) and wind-turbines.

Further details can be found on the Energy Saving Trust web page (go to the tab marked "Generating Energy").


What is the Renewable Heat Incentive ?

The RHI is a Government scheme to encourage take up of renewable heat technologies.

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment has been extended to March 2014 and gives financial support towards renewable heat technologies. See the following link on the Energy Saving Trust website.   


I have solid walls. Can I get a grant to insulate them?

Yes, see details on our "Hard to Treat Scheme" page


I have a room in my loft. Can I get help to insulate it?

Yes, see details on our "Hard to Treat Scheme" page.


How can I get cheaper Heating Oil ?

The Community Council for Somerset (CCS) is running a community oil buying scheme, which will allow you to purchase as little at 500litres at a time but gain the advantage of the lower price that a large bulk order will gain. Find out more and join the scheme.

Can you help me pay for my Heating Oil ?

Loans are now available for lower-income Somerset home-owners to help purchase heating oil. These loans are interest-free.  Ring Wessex Home Improvement Loans on 01823-461099 or see their poster for further details.



The Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 (HECA) recognises local authorities' ability to use their position to significantly improve the energy efficiency of all the residential accommodation in their areas. In July 2012 the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published a requirement under HECA for all local authorities in England to report on the measures they propose to take to achieve this aim.

DECC has set a deadline of 31st March 2013 to publish the first of these reports, known as a "HECA Further Report". Subsequent reports known as progress reports must be published at two-year intervals following this date. This document sets out, current trends in energy use, South Somerset's strategic objectives in improving the energy efficiency of homes in the district and the actions the Council will take to help achieve its objectives.

The South Somerset HECA Further Report   (14 pages) is available here.

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