Thermal Imaging Survey

The Energy Reduction Consultancy in 2012 conducted a survey of residential properties in South Somerset over seven days using the latest infrared cameras to provide an overview of energy efficiency of the housing stock. 

Energy Reduction

The Council recently carried out a thermal imaging survey of a range of property types across the district.  Residents are encouraged to look through the survey for a property type similar to their own to get an idea of potential heat loss from the their property.

Any heat loss wastes energy and money by increasing heating costs and contributes to global warming.  The photographs taken as part of the survey are only snap shots of the properties concerned and in order to get a completely accurate assessment of a property several photographs would need to be taken and compared with internal and external heating levels. 

The survey shows that most heat loss is through doors and windows.  This can be improved by renewing substandard doors and windows, by fitting draught excluders or having heavy door and window curtains.

In other cases heat loss can be seen through walls.  This can be tackled by filling cavities with insulation material or lining the walls of 'hard to treat' properties with some form of dry lining.  The other most common cause of heat loss is through roofs and this can be dealt with by insulating lofts to the correct level.

The council has grant and loan schemes and there are free advice services that can support householders to improve energy efficiency.  See useful information and links below.

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