Christmas tree recycling 2017

For the third year running, residents in South Somerset are able to leave their natural Christmas trees for shredding and recycling at various sites across the district.

Find out the full list of locations across South Somerset where you can recycle your Christmas tree, along with a deadline of when you need to deposit your tree in the bayed area.

You can also recycle your Christmas tree by taking decoration-free natural Christmas trees to any recycling site for composting. Garden waste collection subscribers can put one out on their usual day once collections resume from Monday 8 January. Check to see if local groups are offering chip trees in your area. As a very last resort, to send your tree for costly and wasteful landfill burial to decay for decades while producing climate changing methane, leave it out with the rubbish on your usual collection day 8-19 January 2018.

*All tree recycling areas at the specified locations should be in place by Saturday 6th January*