Dog walkers in Chard fined for failing to pick up after their pets

Two dog walkers in Chard recently found themselves with a severe telling off and an £80 Fixed Penalty Notice after failing to pick up after their dogs fouled at Snowden Park.

The first offender was fined after allowing their dog to foul near a hedge and not clearing it up. The offender claimed that because it was near a hedge, they did not think they needed to pick it up.

The second person again used nature as an excuse, claiming they thought they did not need to remove the faeces because it was near a tree. On further questioning from an Enforcement Officer, they did not even have any bags to pick up waste.

A third person was also confronted after failing to pick up after their dog fouled, however was let off a Fixed Penalty Notice due to having poor eye sight and not being able to see that their dog had fouled.

South Somerset District Council issues fines to dog owners who do not clear up after their dogs have fouled. Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2015, owners can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80. This applies on any public land regardless of where on that land the fouling takes place.

Councillor Carol Goodall, Portfolio Holder for Environmental Health said, "We take failing to remove dog fouling seriously and will issue Fixed Penalty Notices if our Officers witness you not picking up after your pet. As well as being offensive, dog faeces contains bacteria which can cause harm to humans so it is important that it's removed. Be a responsible dog owner or face the possibility of a fine."

You can report incidents of dog fouling to the District Council using our online web form at or by calling 01935 462462.

Date Issued: Friday 3 March 2017