Grant scheme on offer for park home residents

Residents in South Somerset who live in a park home could benefit from a grant of up to £2,000 towards the cost of external wall insulation.

South Somerset District Council (SSDC) provides grants to help insulate mobile homes to residents who meet certain criteria, which includes:

  • Living on a licensed park home site;
  • Your park home is your main residence;
  • You own your own park home and it is over ten years old.

Ridgewater Energy Ltd, an experienced energy advice organisation, will be contacting potential clients to give advice and to help fill out an application form and select suitable contractors.

The grant can be used to pay for a full external wall insulation scheme or lesser amounts may be available if you choose to do a smaller scheme such as providing underfloor insulation.

Typically, the cost of external wall insulation on a standard park home is in the region of £5,000 - £6,000, so you will need to find extra funding to pay for the full cost of the works. You can apply for a Wessex Resolutions CIC Energy Loan (a not-for-profit finance company) to help you fund the shortfall.

Alasdair Bell, Environmental Health Manager at South Somerset District Council said, "The Park Home Grant Scheme offers park home residents the opportunity to ensure their home is insulated so that energy costs are reduced and heat is kept in the property.

"The loan offer from Wessex Resolutions CIC is a cheap and easy alternative to lending from banks and is endorsed by the District Council. It will enable you to get the work done that you require so that you can get your park home fully insulated."

Peter Bywater from Ridgewater Energy Ltd added, "Ridgewater Energy are very pleased to be working with South Somerset District Council to assist park home residents to get this generous grant, which will help them keep warm, save money and stay healthy in their homes".

If you would like to know more about the grants or loans that are available, please contact Ridgewater Energy Ltd by email at or by calling 01202 385475.