South Somerset District Council Playing Pitch Strategy 2017 - 2028

South Somerset District Council aspires to be a district that provides and supports the supply of accessible, well managed and well maintained playing pitches and changing facilities, which are fit for purpose and encourage residents to maintain and increase their particpation in sport and active recreation.


The Council therefore commissioned a study to review playing pitch provision in line with national planning policy guidance and has resulted in a new strategy and action plan to help plan for the future.  The review involved consultation with key providers of playing pitches and also users of playing pitches and members of the public.

A consultation on the draft strategy was undertaken during 2017 and the strategy documents were updated to take account of feedback received.  The revised strategy and a summary of consultation comments received can be found below:

South Somerset Playing Pitch Strategy - Strategy and Action Plan

Responses received for the Playing Pitch Strategy Consultation - November 2017

The purpose of the 2017 - 2028 Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) is to provide a strategic framework which -ensures that the provision of outdoor playing pitches meet the local needs of existing and future residents within South Somerset. In particular, the strategy focuses on the provision of football, rugby union, cricket and hockey pitches.

Why is a strategy for South Somerset Important?

In particular the PPS can be used:

  • to project forward demand likely to arise by the end of the strategy period so that the appropriate level of pitch provision can be planned for the future;
  • to provide evidence to protect existing playing pitches and playing fields;
  • support the need to improve the quality or increase the quantity of pitches and their associated ancillary facilities;
  • to support applications by clubs/teams/pitch providers for funding for the improvement of the quality, quantity and accessibility of provision;
  • to help to defend against inappropriate development or loss of pitches;
  • to inform planning policy development;
  • provide a strategic view and options for the provision of pitches during the strategy period; and,
  • to help secure additional provision which arises as a result of new development

The strategy sets out a number of detailed actions, recommendations and options for pitches which will need to be planned for during the strategy period.  It is the task of stakeholders (including clubs, providers, owners and managers of pitches) and bodies (such as SSDC, sports governing bodies and Sport England) to deliver against and update the PPS action plan following the Strategy's adoption by SSDC (and strategy steering group).