Disability sport

There are many opportunities for disabled people to participate in sport across the district.

wheelchair basketball


Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI)

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) aims to ensure disabled people can access inclusive equipment in a targeted number of sports facilities, thereby significantly increasing opportunities for sports specific conditioning and training and improving general levels of health and fitness.

The IFI has been in operation since 2001, receiving in total £6million from the Sport England Lottery Fund.  The IFI operates around five key principles:

  • Accessible facilities
  • Inclusive fitness equipment
  • Staff with appropriate training and skills
  • Appropriate, inclusive marketing strategies
  • The development of alternative inclusive sporting opportunities

The combination of these elements ensures that the IFI creates not only accessible facilities, but inclusive environments.

The IFI now boasts a network of over 180 inclusive facilities across England. Every IFI Site has undergone an access audit to ensure that their facilities most effectively meet the needs of disabled people. These access audits focus specifically on the fitness related services including changing and catering services etc.

The IFI site in South Somerset is located at  Yeovil College.

Find out more on the Inclusive Fitness Initiative website

For further information on Disability sport in Somerset

Contact Jen Slade for information on any of SASP's Activities & Sports for Disabled participants. Call 01823 653990 or send an email.