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Communities invited to apply for grant to help reduce carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels

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Grant provider Bath and West Community Energy (BWCE) and its local community groups (including SSCES) are comprised of residents who invest their money to support local efforts in preventing and reversing climate change. Funded by surplus profits from BWCE's 5MW solar farm near Crewkerne, the grant allows members of the groups to invest in local projects and benefit small communities.

The grant, which is available to some members of South Somerset thanks to SSCES, can be applied for now. Applicants have been asked to remember that efforts to reduce carbon footprints goes beyond energy, to sourcing local produce, transport and waste reduction.

Councillor Henry Hobhouse, Portfolio Holder for Climate Change, said: "The protection of our world and prevention of climate change and its effects is urgent. This grant, along with recent shifts in attitude, we hope will encourage our communities here in South Somerset to do their bit. Recycling is a great first step but looking forward, I'm very pleased to be able to endorse this grant and hopefully inspire our residents to take on larger projects for the benefit of our planet."

The maximum amount you can be awarded is £5,000. All applicant groups must be a community, self-help or volunteer group, community enterprise or charity. The closing date for applications is 12th November.

For more information on BWCE and the grant, please visit their website where you can also find the entry requirements.

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