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Partnership unveiled to fuel Somerset’s rural communities

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The scheme allows members of Somerset Community Oil, the oil buying group of The Community Council for Somerset, to order their heating oil through the county-wide syndicate, with savings achieved per litre through the bulk-buying of oil.

Somerset Community Oil is now being serviced by AF Affinity who currently support similar syndicates across nine other counties in England in conjunction with local rural community councils including Oxford, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Durham, Devon and Northumberland.

Louis Clabburn, General Manager, AF Affinity Limited, said: "Fuel syndicates allow homeowners to make significant savings on their heating oil as we are able to bulk buy oil at better prices."

"Affinity's buying power allows us to provide tremendous value for our fuel syndicates. Our expert buyers continually track the market to ensure customers get the best price available at the time of order," said Mr Clabburn.

Somerset Community Oil is easy for members to use with one point of contact for ordering their fuel and now a simplified and consistent payment method through Affinity. Orders are collated by Affinity and processed with the most suitable suppliers according to price and geographic location.

Once the bulk order has been placed, the open and transparent process ensures the price per litre is shared with members, who are also informed of the latest syndicate delivery date.

Keeley Rudd, Chief Executive of CCS who run the Community Oil Scheme said: "We are delighted to be able to offer existing and new members a more flexible way of paying for their oil, helping people across Somerset spread the cost of their fuel, and reduce costs significantly with this bulk buying scheme."

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