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Partnership working helps licensing across South Somerset

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From booking a licensed taxi to holding a raffle at a fundraising event, licensing is all around you and the District Council will be involved.

The third ever National Licensing Week is taking place this week and day one is about the partnership working that we do with other agencies to ensure you are safe and legal.

From working with the RSPCA who refer complaints about dog breeding and pet shops, to working with the Driver Vehicle Standards Association (DVSA) to inspect taxis; working with partners enables the Licensing Team to be more effective in South Somerset.

South Somerset District Council's Licensing Officers deal with a range of partners including Avon & Somerset Police for work at events, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service at temporary events, Yeovil One to help tackle issues with Premises Licences, SSDC's Environmental Protection and Planning departments as consultees on applications, the Home Office in respect to taxi drivers and their right to work, Child Protection Teams on child sexual exploitation cases, the Gambling Commission for gaming and gambling licenses, plus many more partners located across the country.

A lot of the licenses that are issued and enforced by the Licensing Team at South Somerset District Council will involve liaising with a partner in some way.

Councillor Angie Singleton, Portfolio Holder for Licensing at South Somerset District Council said, "Working with partners enables our team to react to referrals and enforce potential breaches of licences. Without our partners, the role of a Licensing Officer would be a lot more difficult because we would need to seek out those potential breaches. Licensing is all around you and the District Council will be involved somehow, so we are thankful to our partners for their help".

If you wish to know more about the work of SSDC's Licensing Team, visit our licensing page to find out more information. You can also apply for different licenses using the link above.

You can also find a very useful Business Link online tool which will enable you to find out which licences are relevant to your business and also a full list of current fees for different licences.

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