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Joint statement: Working together for the communities of Somerset

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Joint Statement of the Leaders of Mendip District Council, Sedgemoor District Council, Somerset County Council, South Somerset District Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council and West Somerset District Council:

Working together for the communities of Somerset

The Leaders of Somerset's councils have confirmed that work has commenced to find a partner to assist the process of assessing all the options for the future of local government service provision in the county.

It comes after the Council Leaders agreed a broad set of principles which will inform the work to make sure that the best interests of all Somerset communities are served.

The Councils are working together to determine the best future for Local Government in the county. This is with a view to considering the possibilities for service delivery and financial efficiencies within the context of significant reductions in funding for councils across the country.

Procurement has started to identify an organisation to work with the Councils on the feasibility and potential benefits of a range of options. All of Somerset's MPs will invited to participate in the process to discuss and identify common ground.

The timetable for this work will become clearer once a delivery partner is secured.

Bath and North East Somerset Council along with North Somerset Council have also been invited to be part of the conversation on the future of local government.

The process began in May when Somerset County Council announced its intention to start a conversation with the district councils and other partners to explore what model of local government could be a better way to deliver public services in Somerset, within the context of increasing demand, changing customer and community needs and reduced funding.

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The councils will continue to work together to assess Local Government delivery in Somerset and all the options for change. Our residents and businesses are at the heart of that conversation and this is about ensuring Local Government in Somerset works more efficiently and effectively for them.

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