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Register your voice during National Democracy Week

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As part of National Democracy Week, South Somerset District Council is encouraging its residents to register their voice and register to vote to ensure you can have your say at any upcoming election.

During National Democracy Week, SSDC will be posting lots of advice on our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help residents register to vote.

Roger Quantock, Elections Specialist at South Somerset District Council, said: “Lots of our residents call us each year to find out if they are registered, to ask whether they can vote and also how to register. All of these frequently asked questions we’re aiming to cover over National Democracy Week so that you, the elector, can make sure you have your say at any election that is coming up in the near future.”

National Democracy Week kicked off today, Monday 14 October 2019. The week is a celebration of democracy in society, and includes events, talks and fun activities across the UK.

The week also aims to encourage more people to get involved in our democracy and increase participation across the UK.

In South Somerset, there are currently 129,900 people registered to vote.

You can register to vote in the quickest and easiest way by visiting online and filling in your details. All you need is your National Insurance Number and it takes about five minutes to complete the application. You can also change the way you vote – for example in person, by post or proxy using the website address above.

Earlier this year, residents had the chance to make sure they have the opportunity to have their say when SSDC carried out an annual check of the electoral register. This is known as the annual canvass. During the annual canvass, South Somerset District Council sends a form to every household in the district – around 78,000 – to check that the people registered to vote at that address are correct.

Every household is required to respond so that the authority can make sure the data they hold is correct and up-to-date. Even if someone in the property only recently registered to vote, the council still need a response to the form.

If you have still not completed your form, expect a knock at the door over the coming weeks as appointed council annual canvassers will be chasing the return of the form.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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