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General Election 2019: Results from the count for Yeovil and Somerton & Frome

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The results have been declared has started for the constituencies of Yeovil and Somerton & Frome in the General Election 2019.



Verification followed by counting began after polling station closed at 10pm on December 12

We posted live updates through the night on this page (please manually refresh).

05:32 - RESULT Yeovil Constituency:
Elected - Marcus Fysh (Conservatives) 34,588
Mick Clark (Liberal Democrats) 18,407
Terry Ledlie (Labour) 3,761
Diane Wood (Green Party) 1,629
Tony Capozzoli (Independent) 689
Tom Fox (The Constitution and Reform Party) 186

05:21 - RESULT Somerton & Frome Constituency:
Elected – David Warburton (Conservatives) 36,230
Adam Boyden (Liberal Democrats) 17,017
Sean Dromgoole (Labour) 8,354
Andrea Dexter (Green Party) 3,295

04:07 - In the final stages of counting now for both constituencies. Watch this space.

02:23 - Turn out for Somerton & Frome - 75.93%. Total votes cast were 65,119. Again, that's an increase on 2015

Recent numbers were:

2017 - 63,982 (75.8%)

2015 - 60,309 (72.2%)

2010 - 60,612 (74.3%)

60,309 72.2

02:01Turn out for the Yeovil constituency - 72.05%. 59,415 votes cast. That's 11 more than 2017. 

Recent turnouts in Yeovil constituency were:

2017 - 59,404 (71.6%)

2015 - 56,933 (69.1%)

2010 - 56,160 (69.4%)

01:55 - So, important news. Verification in the Yeovil constituency is almost complete (the process of checking we have the correct number of votes) which means that counting the votes can actually start. We're getting closer to being able to announce turnout and moving towards a result.

01:38 - All a little quiet at the moment as the votes continue to be verified so we'll turn our attention to those who are here to capture the flavour of the event. We've got reporters from Sky, Somerset Live, Yeovil Press, Radio Ninesprings and more alongside very well established names from the BBC including horse-racing aficionado Cornelius Lysaught.

00:51 - This really is only a very, very loose guideline but we're expecting the Yeovil result to be declared around 2.30am and the Somerton & Frome result at 3.30am. This could all change though and we'll continue to keep you updated.

00:26 - You may have seen the exit poll which is produced as soon as the polling stations close. The exit poll is a survey of thousands of voters just after they have cast their ballot. It covers England, Scotland and Wales. It is based on 144 constituencies chosen to be demographically representative of the country, balanced between rural and urban seats, and weighted slightly in favour of marginal areas. We understand that one of our polling stations in South Somerset was selected to be part of the Exit Poll data for the BBC.

00:14 - All of the ballot boxes for Somerton & Frome have now arrived so all of your votes are now in the building.

23:41 - FURRY ALERT - We can confirm that Alfie the Westlands cat is here and is, as ever, indifferent to the significance of the event.

23:29 - For those who have asked, yes, those are Santa hats.

23:25 - For anyone who isn't keen on the manual refresh, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates too.

23:08 - The team here is pretty quick. Well, okay, we've sped things up a little but here's a flavour of the count from this evening with a timelapse video.

22:58 - The first van has arrived with ballot boxes from around the district. This means the count will start getting a lot busier.

22:38 - The ballot boxes just keep coming

22:34We'd like to thank all those staff that have been at poll stations today since 7am until 10pm. Great job. Now over to the count staff! Let’s hope for a not too long night (famous last words)

22:23 - And the first ballot boxes have started arriving. We'll have vans going here, there and everywhere tonight collecting your votes.

22:1617,931 postal votes sent out in Somerton & Frome. 18,345 in Yeovil. 81% returned in Yeovil (still some more being counted however) and 80% in Somerton & Frome (again, still some more being counted).

22:08 - Here's a reminder of the candidates.

The candidates for the Yeovil Constituency are as follows:

  • Tony Capozzoli – Independent
  • Mick Clark – Liberal Democrats
  • Tom Fox – The Constitution and Reform Party
  • Marcus John Hudson Fysh – The Conservative Party
  • Terry Ledlie – Labour Party
  • Diane Catherine Wood – Green Party

The official Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll for this election can be found on our website.

The candidates for the Somerton & Frome Constituency are as follows:

  • Adam Owen Matthew Boyden – Liberal Democrats
  • Andrea Dexter – Green Party
  • Sean Adam Dromgoole – Labour Party
  • David Warburton – The Conservative Party

The official Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll for this election can be found on our website.

22:00 - The count has started. It will begin with the postal votes that SSDC has received - and there were thousands. If you want any further information on how to register vote or receive a postal vote in future, please visit our election pages.

21:43 - Here's the scene at Westlands as we wait for the count to begin.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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